Guest Post & Giveaway with Carrie Lofty

Today we have historical romance author Carrie Lofty here to talk to us about her very favorite kinds of romance heroes. Starlight, the 2nd book in The Christies series releases today! Welcome to The Book Pushers Carrie!

Oh, Hero, What Are You Hiding?

There are probably a lot more hero tropes out there in Romancelandia, but I have two favorites. If a hero displays one of these two personality types, I’m ready to follow him anywhere—and the heroine had better deserve him!

The first is the Rake Who Hides Deep Emotions. As the hero of FLAWLESS [], the first of my Christies series of Victorian romances from Pocket, Miles fit this trope to a tee. He’s a viscount who drank his way through a couple years of marriage and gambled his way through a fortune or two. Oh well. All well and good if you don’t give a darn about people…and if you don’t love your estranged wife. Much to Miles’ consternation, he gives a darn and he loves.

Miles shifted his weight, suddenly restless and hot. The impact of seeing Viv after four months—while sober this time—was more crippling than he’d wanted to believe.

Dear God, she was beautiful.

Ringlets of sunshine-blonde hair framed regal cheekbones and accentuated the sleek line of her jaw. Lush lips that rested in a perpetual pout hid sins and secrets. But her eyes… Miles had fallen into them once and had yet to break free of their magic.

Oops! He’s totally undone even before romance heats up, and he doesn’t even realize it yet! I love seeing it soooo far ahead of the hero, knowing his true, deeper soul will be revealed—whether he likes it or now—by the time he and the heroine earn their happy ending.

The second is the Gentleman Hiding a Beast, wherein I introduce Alex Christie. He’s the hero of STARLIGHT, the second Christies novel, set in Glasgow in 1881. To all outward appearances, Alex is a staid academic with a history of fighting for workers’ and women’s rights. He’s a really good guy!

Peel away that civilized veneer, however, and Alex hides passions and impulses that shock the heck out of him. At first he blames being in rough-and-tumble Glasgow. Then he blames Polly Gowan, the woman who makes it her personal goal to dig beneath Alex’s unconscious defenses. They’re unconscious, because he doesn’t think he’s hiding anything. Eventually, through Polly’s relentless honest, love and sexual teasing, he must admit that his dark side is as integral as his intelligence and sense of fair play.

It’s a good thing, too. He has a lot to lose if he doesn’t stand up for his family and the woman he loves. For example:

He flipped onto his back and swung his walking stick. The wood slammed against a man’s forearm. With his attacker doubled up, cradling the wrecked limb, Alex lurched to his feet. To his surprise, he was gathering details with uncanny sharpness. His opponent was one of Livingstone’s cohorts, some ungainly troll with carrot-orange hair and huge shoulders.

And the walking stick in Alex’s hand was a much less satisfactory weapon than a nearby pipe. He snatched up the hollow length of steel. “Where is she?”

“You broke my bloody arm, you bastard,” the brute said with a snarl.

Something grated behind Alex’s left ear when he spoke. So he wasted no words—simply hefted the pipe in one hand and the walking stick in the other. “Tell me where!”

You can probably guess he’s referring to Polly. As for the rest—such as how a refined gentleman is pushed to the edge of civility with regard to both sex and violence… I hope that’ll be the fun of reading STARLIGHT!

Mmmm… heroes. They’re just so much fun, especially when they play hide and seek with their true natures…

What’s next for me:

After RT BookReviews 4½ Star Top Pick  STARLIGHT hits the shelves, I’ll be looking forward to the release of HIS VERY OWN GIRL [], a historical romance set in World War II. It’s not women’s fiction. It’s not literary fiction. It’s a genuine romance, complete with sexy times and a happy ending. Look for it September 4th as a Pocket Star digital original novel. I cannot wait to see how readers respond! 

I’ll also be launching a new co-written pseudonym, Katie Porter, with my long-time friend and critique partner, Lorelie Brown. Our “Vegas Top Guns” series of contemporary erotic romances will launch from Samhain on July 31 with the release of DOUBLE DOWN, which is also a RT BookReviews 4½ Star Top Pick. Two more from the series, INSIDE BET and HOLD ‘EM, will follow in August and September. You can learn more about these and future books at our website [].  

Where to find me:

Twitter: @carrielofty 

I’d like to give away a copy of STARLIGHT, and I’ll ship anywhere (Open until July 3rd). Just answer the question: Which hero do you prefer: the rake hiding his true depth, or the gentleman who’s barely tamed his inner beast? Is there a different variety that revs your engines?

Thanks again to the Book Pushers for having me!


40 thoughts on “Guest Post & Giveaway with Carrie Lofty”

  1. I’ll take the rake hiding his true depth please! Gah, this is torture. I REALLY want to read this, but you’ll be at RWA (at least according to their literacy signing thingy) next month.. and I’d like to get something signed from you! The book sounds fabulous and I can’t wait to check it out! 🙂

  2. Gentleman barely taming his inner beast! I’m just a sucker for that archetype. I love the lady equivalent as well.

  3. I prefer a hero with some depth. That way the heroine can slowly learn different facets of the hero’s character.

  4. I really like the gentleman hiding his inner beast hero and also the beast hiding his inner gentleman.

  5. Rebe: Aren’t they fabulous? Don’t know if I’d trust one in real life, but gimme in romance!

    Readsalot81: Yes! I’ll be there. Just make sure to introduce yourself by your online handle *g*

    Tabs: No matter my reformed rake weakness…I gotta go with the inner beast guy every time. Just to watch some ordinary-looking man on the street and think, wow, he could be hiding delicious secrets!

    Kim: Otherwise, where would be the challenge for the heroine? A book over in four pages! That wouldn’t be any fun 🙂

    Lynnd: You trying to have it both ways? Oh, okay. I’ll let you just this once…!

    Estella: You too? Cake and eat it too?? Mmmm…cake….

    MK: Now I’m tempted to ask for favorites, since everyone is taking sides. Or not taking sides, as the case may be!

    Victoria: Glad you’re so enthusiastic about Starlight. I love these characters and hope readers do too.

  6. I want one of each – greedy I know, but both are incredibly attractive.


  7. Marika, where is this cafe? If you’ve met Katie, I definitely want to stop by and say hi!

    [For everyone else: Katie Porter is my co-written contemporary erotic alter ego. DOUBLE DOWN, our debut, was just named an August Top Pick from RT!]

  8. @Carrie Lofty:

    The Samhain Cafe Loop. Its where Samhain authors and readers talk and share their books and such. You can find it on the Samhain website. Come on over. We don’t bite…much! 🙂


  9. I like the rake who is hiding his true depth. It’s what makes him who he is. Complicated.

  10. If I can only have one, I’d pick the gentleman who’s barely tamed his inner beast.

  11. I like both types but my fav is the honorable hero who finds himself conflicted between what he sees as his duty vs what he wants (by that I mean the heroine of course)

  12. Mary: Yet another greedy lady. I like it!

    Kai: I think the appeal is getting to know someone so well that you can dig past those external shields. True intimacy. That’s the fantasy, in the end.

  13. Barbara Elness

    I think I’d have to choose both, there’s definitely something to be said for the rake hiding his true depth, but that gentleman just holding his inner beast in check is fascinating as well. 😀

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  14. @Linda: Oh, that’s totally Alex. Save his little boy…save a whole community…make love to the woman who’s rocked his world…! Luckily, he’s a hero and manages all three *g*

  15. That’s a tough question… I like both and have read and enjoyed both types of heroes. I guess if I had to choose one it would be the rake because I just love it when they are humbled by a little thing called love and the right woman:)

  16. Martha Lawson

    Call me crazy – but I like them both!!! This sounds really great and I’d love to be entered to win. Thanks for the chance.

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  17. Definitely the gentleman who’s barely tamed his inner beast!! He’s basically good with a healthy dose of naughty thrown in for good measure 🙂

  18. I love the gentleman who’s barely tamed his inner beast. I just love it when he gets all growly and uber-protective of his loved ones and I love knowing that there’s an edge of savageness hiding in there.

  19. I think I prefer the rake hiding his true depth. My favorite heroes are the geeks, nerds, and intellectuals — but not the pretentious ones.

  20. Barbara, Yadira, Martha: I know it’s a tough choice. That means we need to keep reading romance for more data *nods*

    Julie and Jen M: You can duke it out with Justine. Whoever wins gets first pick. The loser(s) get second pick. Everybody wins, and the men will be particularly happy that combat was inspired by their (lack of?) virtue.

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies. Good luck!

  21. I love the rake hiding his true depths. Especially if he’s hiding his feelings for a reason. I would love to win Starligt because I loved the first one and have been waiting for this one to come out.

  22. I’d have to say the rake hiding his true depths, it will take a special woman to see into his depths.

  23. Maria pronounced Mariah

    They are both so much fun to read! Why choose between them? I like variety in my books…it would be boring if they were all the same!

  24. For variety, I like to read them both. 🙂 But I have to admit the gentleman who’s barely tamed his inner beast is probably my favourite. There is something really sexy about that restrained strength and when it finally gets loose….oh my!

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  25. Ngaere: Ah, so you maybe realized that Miles was the rake with feelings. Now you can have a sample of Alex, who’s the other type, and you can be as confused and greedy as everyone else here *g*

    Debbie S: That special woman occasionally wears a gray dress and is rather unassuming. Takes a special guy to see her true beauty 🙂

    Maria: Very true! Variety is very, very good.

    ClaudiaGC: I think it’s the idea that the heroine is SUCH a temptation that he just can’t handle himself anymore. What woman wouldn’t want to be that alluring?

    Susan D: You’re in good company! Thanks for coming by.

  26. Thanks for this guestpost! I like all kinds of heroes, they just have to be brave, and have humor, and be protective, but not too much, and be totally in love with their lady and do whatever is necessary to make her happy and make her marry him.

  27. Carrie –

    I actually want a hero who may not show who he truly is on the outside but if you take the time to really know him you see the true depth of his character. I also admire a man that although he may not recognize his true soul but is actually is working at releasing the anger and frustration that may be hidden behind a mask of indifference or defiance?

    After having been married for 42 years I can vouch that the best husbands are the rakes that just needed to be not tamed but gentled a little!

  28. I loooove the gentleman who’s barely tamed his inner beast. That’s how I think of Mr. Darcy (brought to his knees by Elizabeth) and why he is my favorite hero! 🙂

  29. aurian: Sounds just about perfect, doesn’t he? It’s why we love romance!

    Jeanne: “Gentled a little.” I like that! We don’t want them to lose all their initial bad boy charm 🙂

    Chelsea: Couldn’t agree more. Darcy is a classic example of a man whose desires get the best of him…in the most romantic sense!

  30. I’d pick the gentleman who’s barely tamed his inner beast, pleaseee!
    You can see what they really are from the first time, it’s more atractive that way!

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