Review – The Virgin’s Revenge by Dee Tenorio

The Virgin's Revenge cover
Publisher: Samhain
Publish Date: Out today
How I got this book: ARC from the author via Novel Sidekick

If you can’t beat ’em…seduce ’em
Amanda Jackman’s love life is the stuff dreams are made of…which is fitting, because it’s all in her head. Thanks to six oversized, overbearing brothers who treat her like the family jewel, she’s lived in a padded little box.
Determined to get a life before she needs a padded little cell, she sets out to throw off the yoke and live on her own terms. Except she seriously underestimates the lengths to which her brothers will go to keep her safe and sound.
Cole Engstrom’s life might just be at an end. Cornered by all six of the massive Jackmans—men he normally considers his friends—he learns he’s their choice to marry their sister…or else. Make that first choice, but not the last.
Rather than watch Amanda’s brothers club their way through potential mates, Cole figures it’s best to just play along for a while and buy her some time to find a man of her own. It’s a good plan. Until Amanda figures it out—and decides he’s the one to relieve her of her “sheltered little virgin” status. One seduction at a time…

This blurb came from the author’s website here.

I had enjoyed some humorous conversations via twitter with Ms Tenorio when I received a note from Novel Sidekick asking if I was willing to review The Virgin’s Revenge by Ms Tenorio. I took a look at the blurb, loved the idea of overbearing brothers, remembered the humor I had seen on twitter and decided to accept. I am glad that I did. I stayed up all night reading, alternately giggling and wondering what was going to happen next. This was a fun friends to lovers story. Those of you who noticed my status updates on Goodreads probably saw some of that.

The opening scene with Cole surrounded by Amanda’s brothers provided a great snapshot of their various personalities and how the brothers aren’t against using physical intimidation. I sat there in shock as they basically spelled out what Cole was supposed to do, how he was supposed to do it, what the desired end state was, and that if he didn’t step up satisfactorily that they had a list of guys they were going to go through until one of them made their sister Amanda happy. Cole, knowing how much Amanda would absolutely hate this tries to get out of it and then decides that he will agree and then tell her privately so she knows. Cole doesn’t have very many friends and due to his parents’ marriage refuses to ever get married. He shows up as required to dinner that night and that is when the plot really thickens.

Amanda trying to declare her independence has moved out of the house she grew up in which still houses her six brothers. She bought her own house, a serious fixer-upper, and is dealing with its vagaries along with her ancient car. Her oldest brother known as Locke demands that she show up for dinner and dress nicely. She arrives rather late with a thunderous backfire and some black grease smudges. After hearing that she had a flat tire and didn’t call but “fixed” herself she faced their disapproval. Cole trying to rescue her goes out to look at her car but can’t bring himself to tell her about her brothers plot yet. While trying to remove the grease smudges Amanda overhears an intense discussion between Cole and Locke about their agreement and decides that she is going to seize the moment, get what she wants and then drop Cole since obviously he is only doing this because he is scared of her brothers.

Watching both Cole and Amanda deal with each other, their individual plans within plans, the interference of her brothers and the rest of the town not to mention the perils of eavesdropping was hilarious. Normally I would want to shake the couples and tell them to just talk to each other but the lengths they went through to both protect their friendship with the other while getting what they thought they wanted was great. This Seeing Cole struggle with his issues from his parents, his fear of losing his friendship with Amanda, and Amanda’s plans was heartwarming. He had to face some pretty harsh truths about himself delivered by a couple of different people before he took a huge leap. Amanda also had to face the fact that she was letting life live her, that she could be childish and immature at times, and that she could stand up on her own two feet successfully. She also received some painful pointed comments delivered with love by her best friend.

As you can see this was about more then just Amanda and Cole but it involved some great supporting characters and the small town setting that is a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what happens to the other brothers because Locke especially deserves to get his own after he manipulated things. I will admit that I felt sorry for him after Amanda had a go even if some of what she said was warranted.

The Virgin’s Revenge might have been my first Dee Tenorio book but it will not be my last! I thoroughly loved reading this friends to lovers story complete with big brothers LOL. Although I have to say I think I am glad I never had any older brothers.

I give The Virgin’s Revenge an A

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  1. At first glance I thought this was a Black Lace erotica title (based on the bra shot) and I was going to skip it but after reading your review it sounds like a book I’d love.

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