Interview & Giveaway with Elle Kennedy

Today we have a somewhat new-to-us author here at the Book Pushers: Elle Kennedy. Elle is known for her pulse pounding romantic suspense books, and sexy heroes – in and OUT of their uniforms.

On August, 21st the 7th book, Feeling Hot, in her Samhain series, Out of Uniform, will hit the digital bookshelves and we are getting the inside scoop.

Elle, welcome to The Book Pushers!

Elle: Thank you for having me!


The Book Pushers: Tell us a little about Feeling Hot.

Elle: Feeling Hot is the 7th book in the Out of Uniform series. I had originally planned on ending the series after book 6, but after a bit of a hiatus I decided that I had a few more stories to tell.

The hero is Navy SEAL Cash McCoy. And he’s just been asked to keep an eye on his CO’s younger sister, Jen Scott – with strict orders to keep his hands off her. Problem is, Jen has made it her mission to get Cash into her bed, and let’s just say she can be very persuasive.  Which means it’s only a matter of time before Cash’s defenses come crumbling down…

Fans of the series will enjoy reuniting with Jen’s big brother – Carson Scott (Heat of Passion, OOU #2).


The Book Pushers: How many books are you planning in the Out of Uniform series?

Elle: There will be at least 3 more after Feeling Hot. Seth’s story, Getting Hotter, releases in November.  Hotter Than Ever, Dylan’s book, comes out next year, and Jackson will get his own story too. After that, we will just have to wait and see…


The Book Pushers: MinnChica read and enjoyed Midnight Rescue. What can you tell us about the 2nd in the series, Midnight Alias, out in early February?

Elle: Midnight Alias moves the team and our hero, Luke Dubois, into the underbelly of Manhattan. Mob bosses, undercover agents, drugs, sex… There’ll be a lot of action-packed scenes, steamy moments between Luke and our heroine, Olivia, and some more hints about characters like Morgan, D and Noelle.

We’re also introduced to a few more team members, like Sullivan, the sexy Australian who might be my all-time favourite character.  And we will definitely see a little more of Trevor and Isabel.


The Book Pushers: What is it about military heroes that attracts you?

Elle: Who doesn’t like a man in uniform? 🙂 I think there is something inherently sexy about strong, alpha heroes who command authority. Especially when they let their guard down and show us that they’re really just big teddy bears.


The Book Pushers: Almost all of your books focus on military heroes. Have you ever thought about writing anything different?

Elle: Yes, I have written quite a few military heroes. I suppose I’m naturally drawn to them and the kind of scenarios they wind up in. But as always, I have a few new and different ideas up my sleeve! (Or rather, saved in a folder on my computer). Also, in my Welcome to Paradise series, only one of the heroes is military, while the other three are a bar owner, a construction worker, and a photographer—and all equally sexy, of course.


The Book Pushers: What are you working on now? Any new series, or books we can expect to see from you in the future?

Elle: Right now I’m writing the third book in the Killer Instincts series due out later in 2013—Isabel and Trevor’s story…finally!

In the meantime you can look for my November book in the Harlequin Romantic Suspense Coltons of Eden Falls continuity. Book one by Justine Davis comes out in September. I’ve also got a new miniseries with HRS – The Hunted – which launches in the spring.

As for my sexy contemporaries, Getting Hotter releases in November from Samhain, and I think readers are really going to love Seth.  Who doesn’t adore a bad boy? 🙂


The Book Pushers: What are your favorite (and not-so-favorite) tropes used in romantic suspense?

Elle: My faves are probably enemies-to-lovers, heroes and heroines with flaws, reunion stories…I could go on!

Least favourite? Damsel-in-distress. I like a heroine who can take care of herself.


The Book Pushers: How hard of a balance do you find it to make sure the romance and suspense don’t overshadow one-another?

Elle: Finding that balance can be tough and each story is different. But one thing I really love about the romantic suspense genre is that the two elements play off each other really well. They’re really quite complimentary, and I think aide one another in creating a dynamic story. 


The Book Pushers: How much research do you do for getting the details correct on military rules, regulations and rank?

Elle: Lots! Last winter I even took a trip to Coronado, San Diego, where I had a chance to interview a number of naval officers. It was incredible, getting the chance to speak with them in person and pick their brains. I learned so much.  For the rest, I have an awesome research assistant who helps me out.


The Book Pushers: What are your favourite military romances, and which authors would you recommend to readers of your books?

Elle: Some of my favourites are Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters and Cindy Gerard’s Black Ops. Both are outstanding series by outstanding authors!


The Book Pushers: If you had your choice of bodyguard in your own real life suspense moment, would you chose a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, or Marine Force Recon – and why?

Elle: Navy SEAL. I’ve spent so much time writing about them that it would probably add to my sense of security.


Thanks so much Elle for being here today! We loved having you. Elle is offering up an ebook copy of Feeling Hot  to one lucky commenter. Just leave a question or comment for Elle and you’ll be entered to win. Giveaway is open Internationally and ends August 21st. Good Luck!

19 thoughts on “Interview & Giveaway with Elle Kennedy”

  1. Thanks for the lovely interview, I enjoyed reading it. I am slowly getting back to loving some romantic suspense thanks to Maya Banks. Looking forward to reading your hot heroes!

  2. I’ve read so many good things about Feeling Hot on Twitter! I’d love to read it! I didn’t know this series till some days ago and will surely be checking out the first books.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  3. I just got Midnight Rescue today- it’s on my To Read pile and I’m very excited about it! I would love to win Feeling Hot!!

  4. Maria pronounced Mariah

    I love a great romantic suspense…but have never read any of your books. Add the fact your hero is an alpha man in uniform and I am in!

    Thanks so much!

  5. Thanks for a fun interview! I *luved* Midnight Rescue! So glad to know that there will be more books to love 😉

  6. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to San Diego and that it was very productive for your books. I love reading them.

  7. I *discovered* Elle with her story in Seal of My Dreams and immediately glommed all her other books. Particularly liked Midnight Rescue. I would love to win a copy of Feeling Hot. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Feeling Hot? I’m feeling excited – at a new release, gratuitous squeeeeeeeeee! ☺

    Sadly still haven’t got my sticky mitts on the ebook of Midnight Rescue – not available yet in the UK *sobs* but there is always hope ☺

    Good Luck with the latest Out of Uniform . .

  9. @MK: I hope you like Midnight Rescue! It’s a lot darker than my sexy contemporaries, so you’ve been warned! But there are a lot of hot alpha males in the Killer Instincts series 🙂

  10. @Victoria Zumbrum: Victoria, that’s a tough question 🙂 If you mean where do I get inspiration for stories, the answer is everywhere! From just talking to friends, or seeing something interesting on the subway, or reading a tried-and-true premise in another book and wondering if I can put a fresh spin on it. As for why I was inspired to *become* a writer….honestly, I just always had stories in my head and decided to write them down. I knew from the age of six that I wanted to write books.

    As for genres, I write romantic suspense for Harlequin, darker romantic suspense fo Signet Eclipse, and sexy (often erotic) contemporaries for Samhain, like the Out of Uniform and Welcome to Paradise series.

  11. I completely agree with the damsel-in-distress comment.

    Simpering, whiny female leads don’t appeal to me.

    Suck it up like smart and capable 🙂

    Thanks for the interview!

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