Review – Cherished by Maya Banks and Lauren Dane

Publisher: Berkley
Publish Date: Out Now
How I got this book: Review copy from publisher

Exiled by Maya Banks

Enticed to the island paradise where an enigmatic prince is living in exile, beautiful, virginal Talia is introduced to a world of forbidden pleasure where the prince’s every whim is fulfilled and her fantasies are rendered in exquisite detail. But when the prince is summoned back to fulfill his duty to his struggling country, reality is thrust upon Talia all too soon. She returns home, heartbroken, convinced she was a passing fancy for an idle ruler and his most trusted men. Until the day they arrive on her doorstep, determined to have her back where she belongs.
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I wasn’t going to read the Banks story initially as the blurb didn’t sound like something that would interest me, but I ended up caving and reading it after the Dane novella. I think it’s time that I finally admit that Banks’ style of erotic romance just isn’t for me. This story was basically one long porno with uncomfortable sex scenes that I didn’t find sexy in the least, and awkward situations that again, didn’t come across as sexy. I found the vast majority of the novella to be eye-rolling ridiculous and more graphic than romantic. The story didn’t have enough plot for me to really enjoy it, and the erotic situations came across as more hard-core pornish than the erotic romance I was expecting.

I give Exiled a F



Sway by Lauren Dane. Book 1 of the Delicious series

Taken from Ms Dane’s website – SWAY will be in the CHERISHED Duology with me and Maya Banks – both our books will have a contemporary BDSM theme. It’s also the start to my DELICIOUS series, the spin off from The Brown Siblings books.

Levi Warner is an established, older man—wealthy, powerful, and above all, respectable. Then Levi meets Daisy, an uninhibited 24-year-old dance instructor and artist, not exactly the kind of woman Levi is accustomed to. But the young, free spirit, brings out something in him he only experienced in fantasies. When their scorching affair turns into something unexpectedly deeper, Levi finds himself torn between preserving his reputation, and exploring a wilder and much more satisfying kind of life.
*Blurb from Goodreads*

This was the story I was really looking forward to, and after reading it, can’t wait for the Delicious series to start up! The novella had a LOT more plot to it than the Banks story did, and really set up the series in a way that has me counting down the days until Tart releases.

I loved that Levi struggled with the age gap between himself and Daisy, despite the intense connection. However, Levi failed to live up to the high expectation I set for him when his family’s reaction to Daisy was forced in his face. I wanted to smack him upside the head with the way he treated Daisy, and felt he could have done a little more groveling to make up for the way he treated her.

All in all, their romance was sweet and super sexy(like buy a little fan sexy…)!  The supporting cast of characters is going to be a group that I can definitely fall in love with as much as the Brown clan, and I am anxious for Dane to get writing more books in this series!
I give Sway an B+


I have to be honest and admit that I don’t know that paying $15 for the Trade Paperback or $10 for the ebook is worth it though, unless you are a fan of Banks’ erotic style. I can only hope that Dane will someday release her novella as a single ebook title. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Review – Cherished by Maya Banks and Lauren Dane”

  1. I agree with you about the pricing. I want to read the Dane story so hopefully she will release it as a standalone. I’ve heard the buzz on the Banks story, thanks for taking one for the team! 😀

  2. I want the Dane but not the Banks too. I tweeted the author the other day about whether Sway might be released as a standalone. No response yet. Fingers crossed 🙂

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