Review – Feeling Hot by Elle Kennedy

Publisher: Samhain
Publish Date: August 21st
How I got this book: Review copy from author

It’s been a rough month for Navy SEAL Cash McCoy. Fresh off six months of celibacy during his deployment, he almost got into a hot blonde’s panties before they were interrupted. Since then, he still hasn’t gotten laid. The reason? He lost her number. And no other woman has replaced her face in his fantasies.

Then his CO asks him to keep an eye on his sister for a few weeks. Just until her psycho stalker ex is transferred. Cash’s new houseguest is none other than the same gorgeous, quirky blonde. And just his luck—his orders include an emphatic hands off.

Jen Scott is having none of it. Now that she has a second chance, she’s not letting Cash slip away. Orders be damned, he’s the one man capable of helping her explore her sexuality. She’s even willing to break her own rule—never date military men—to get the gorgeous SEAL into her bed.

Except Cash makes it clear he wants more than she bargained for. Much more. Not just her body, but the one thing she promised herself she’d never give to a man in uniform. Her heart.

Product Warnings
Sexy SEAL? Check. Sassy heroine determined to seduce him? Check. Scorching hot sex bound to make you blush? Double check. A threesome and some man-on-man action? Triple check. You’ve been warned.
*Blurb from Goodreads*

I’ve read Kennedy before, and really enjoyed her romantic suspense books. So when I got the request to read her newest Samhain release with a little less suspense and a little more smut, I was onboard!

Jen vowed to never go for a man in uniform and when she meets Cash at a bar, some sexy kisses are exchanged before Cash has the chance to tell her what he really does. Jen hopes he’ll call, but with a crazy stalker ex-boyfriend and extra protective older brother, she has her hands full. When her brother Carson demands she move in with one of his SEAL buddies to stay safe, the last person Jen expected to see was Cash, but the second chance was worth the surprise.

Losing Jen’s number was driving Cash insane. But seeing Jen again was both exciting and horrifying, as Carson made him swear to keep his hands to himself. But Jen has other ideas, and the chemistry between them ignites into an inferno neither can control. But will Jen be able to get over her fears and give her heart to a man in uniform, especially when she is faced with Cash’s first assignment?

After reading this, I think I’m going to have to go out and buy all the previous books in the series. Kennedy has a fabulous writing style and a wonderful way of telling both sexy and mildly suspenseful stories all wrapped up in one package. The sexual tension between Cash and Jen was so great, especially when Cash struggled keeping his hands off Jen, and she was fighting so desperately to seduce him. It was great fun to watch these two dance around each other, ask questions they normally wouldn’t, and try to get the other worked into a sexual tizzy. So much fun!

After having read Kennedy’s romantic suspense from Penguin, Midnight Rescue, I was expecting the book to be a lot more suspense heavy. However, this was a light version of her suspense abilities, and I found that it worked just as well for me. I liked that although the threat of Jen’s stalked loomed in the background, she and Cash were given the chance to get to know one another, to date and have dirty sex. And at the same time, when I least expected it, that plot thread quietly wove its way back into the story and ended up taking me somewhat by surprise. It was not at all what I was expecting, but I loved the way it worked for the story overall.

One of my big pet peeves in romance novels is the menage situation, and although it seems like EVERY SINGLE COUPLE in this series has been there, done that – I liked the little twist we got. I’m especially blah about m/f/m menage situations where the guys are only in it for the girls, but when the guys go in on a little m/m action, it always spices things up and keeps it interesting. I was so pleased and surprised to see Cash and his straight friend Dylan have a super sexy few moments together. I don’t think I’ve ever read a scene when two straight guys have a blowjob moment, especially when they go back to being “just buds” the next day. I loved it. It was just what I needed to make the whole menage situation work for me!

All in all Kennedy has impressed me once again! I adored both Cash and Jen and their struggles with Cash being a SEAL and gone part of the time, and Jen’s desire to do something meaningful with her life. The sexual tension with these two was off the charts and made for some steamy reading. I can’t say enough good things about this book, it’s a must read.
I give Feeling Hot an A-

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  1. Sooooo looking forward to this one AND the longer word count . . . love the Out Of Uniform series which are novella’s up til now – but Ms Kennedy sure knows how to pack a good, sexy story into the shorter word count.

  2. Read it yesterday. Immediately went and bought the previous 6 books in the series. Loved the menage scene. Loved. Thx for the rec 🙂

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