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Today we have historical romance author Jillian Stone here to talk to us about her latest release: A Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis. This is Jillian’s first trip to The Book Pushers, so everyone please give her a warm welcome! Take it away Jillian

We call him sleuth, detective, investigator, private eye, snoop, gumshoe, dick, P.I. and he just might be our favorite hero!

What is it about these men? Certainly they are wicked smart, and who doesn’t find a brilliant mind sexy? They are alsoDudleydo-righters. Dashing heroes who are maybe a bit…untamed? Men with a dark past, who are softies at heart??? Hmm, there are so many reasons we love them, perhaps we should share our thoughts,

 Hi everyone, I’m Jillian Stone and as you can see, the blog topic is all about the detective heroes––past, present and science fiction! Beginning with my latest release in the Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series A DANGEROUS LIAISON WITH DETECTIVE LEWIS. For those of you who have read AN AFFAIR WITH MR. KENNEDY, and have been anxiously awaiting Rafe’s story, here’s the blurb:

When Fanny Greyville-Nugent’s father suffers a gruesome death in the clutches of his own machine, mourning his loss is not the beautiful heiress’s only heartbreak. Scotland Yard is convinced he was targeted in a plot to halt the rise of industry, and Fanny’s former fiancé, dashing and dubious detective Raphael “Rafe” Lewis, has been assigned to the case.

For the estranged ex-lovers, bringing the notorious assassins to justice proves as tumultuous as quelling pent-up desires. Fighting peril and passion at every turn of a dangerous journey fromEdinburghtoLondon, they are pursued by an anarchist group hell-bent on destroying her father’s mysterious entry into the London Industrial Exposition.

When an astonishing discovery about the couple’s failed engagement surfaces, the sleuthing duo realize they can trust no one. Rafe confesses new details about his infidelity and Fanny risks all to avenge her father’s murder. But will Rafe and Fanny triumph over the pain of their past?

When it comes to the celebrating the hero detective we have a number of handsome daring sleuths to chose from. Do you go for the independent type––the wisecracking private eye, or the amateur sleuth? Perhaps the brainy scientific type has more appeal, like a forensics investigator or criminologist consultant? I thought I’d share a few of my favorites:


Phillip Marlow, Private Eye Star of Raymond Chandler novels and film. If you’re a fan of Hollywood Noir films, this detective is a classic! Try The Big Sleep with Bogie and Bacall who were the Brad and Angelina of their day!

YouTube link for The Big Sleep:


Rick Deckard, Blade Runner. The quintessential loner cop from the future, and a favorite book. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Phillip K. Dick.


David Addison the fast-talking, fun-loving private eye from Moonlighting. Who out there old enough to watch this mid-eighties TV show did not appreciate the comedy and the sexual tension between Maddy and David?

YouTube Link for Moonlighting:


Mike Logan, the short-fused Sergeant Detective of Law & Order. Arguably better known as his alter ego, Mr. Big of Sex and the City, Chris Noth played the kind of detective you want to take home, but not necessarily to meet mom and dad!


Captain John Brook. And look whose back again? Harrison Ford in the role of the tough Philadelphia cop in Witness. A quiet, powerful thriller with steamy elements, involving a pretty Amish widow and her son who inadvertently witnesses a murder.


Thomas Magnum, Private Investigator. I wanted to include a 70’s TV detective and it came down to Selleck as Magnum P.I. and Hawaii Five-O, and Mr. Selleck won. As I look back on that series, though, all I can really remember is a great looking guy (torso) emerging from the ocean, and an eccentric butler––nothing about crime solving! Lol!


And no self-respecting blog on the hero detective would be complete without a Holmesian homage:

Sherlock Holmes, Master Sleuth Ah, but which Mr. Holmes is your favorite? Basil Rathbone? Christopher Plummer? Or the blockbuster action movie Sherlock portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr.? And have you seen the modern day Holmes of Masterpiece Theater? The new British Sherlock is written by the Dr. Who writing team of Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, and played by an actor with the Harry Potterish name of Benedict Cumberbatch. But wait, that’s not all! Sherlock is coming to New York City with his crime-solving sidekick, Doctor Watson, played by Lucy Liu, for those readers who enjoy the strong bitch ice queen. Coming soon on CBS, the show is called Elementary…what else?

YouTube Link for Elementary:

Perhaps the best Holmes of all will always be the original Holmes, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and pictured in the mind’s eye!

So here’s my wrap-up contest question for commenters: Could detectives be the most desirable heroes of all, and if so, which one of these fine specimens of deductive reasoning and physical prowess to do you prefer? Pick from my list of detectives or add your own!


Thank you so much Jillian for coming here today! Now, one lucky commenter who answers Jillian’s question will be entered to win a signed copy of A Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis! This giveaway is open internationally and ends on Friday, September 21st. Good Luck!

20 thoughts on “Guest Post & Giveaway with Jillian Stone”

  1. I do love a detective-like type man! There’s something so very alluring about his sleuthing abilities…
    One of my faves would have to be Harry Dresden, from both the books and the TV show. So much fun to be had!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  2. Hi

    I love reading about intelligent men working to fight evil, whether it is as detectives, police or just those that work behind the scene, they are fun to read. I recently finished Kristen Callihan’s first two books in her Darkest London series and at this moment (it may change) I am looking forward to reading about Winston Lane (Winterblaze 2013), he is a police inspector in historical London and he has intrigued me in the first two books.

    Thanks for the chance

  3. A detective can make for a very appealing hero. He’s smart, can think quick on his feet and does good. One of my favorites is Sherlock Holmes.

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  5. Jillian –

    Since I fell in love with detectives while reading Sherlock Holmes stories over 50 years ago I have a special place in my heart for a handsome detective!

    What woman wouldn’t be inpressed by a man who can use his reasoning and prowess to me all a woman’s needs whatever those needs may be?

    It’s even better when the man is as handsome as the detecives in your books who also challenge their woman to match his powers of persusive reasoning!

  6. Maybe not the most desirable but definitely ranks with the best of them! I like that they are intelligent & have inquiring minds & of course all that sleuthing around gives them an aura of elusiveness & mystery. I like Pierce Brosnan in the Remington Steele series.

  7. I’ve been watching SHERLOCK with Benedict Cumberbatch & just loving it. Detectives make for fabulous heroes.

  8. Cassandra, Harry Dresden is a great paranormal detective!
    Pam B, Can’t wait to see what Kristen does with her latest in the darkest London series.
    kara-karina, I like the Guy Ritchie and Robert Downey, Jr. take on the character. My fav is still the original though.
    Na-s, You can’t go wrong with Sherlock!
    Yadira A, Yes, Sherlock
    bn100, And another vote for Sherlock
    Jeanne Miro, I have always thought the one thing Sherlock needs is a woman as intriguing as his mysteries! Maybe erotic fan fiction? Haha!
    Linda, When I run my favorite detective blog, Remington Steele is always in the running!
    Mary, Benedict is amassing lots of fans.
    Maureen, I have always been a fan of Chris Noth!

  9. Sherlock Holmes is my all-time favorite detective. There is no one like him. As for female detective, it would be Eve Dallas from the “In Death” series.

  10. I love a good detective hero. Sherlock Holmes would be my all time fav. But there are so many more! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. FYI: So, just ignore my random tries at figuring out the reply system here at Book Pushers!

    Jeanne M: Thanks Jeanne! FYI: You just won a copy of A DANGEROUS LIAISON WITH DETECTIVE LEWIS on another blog site! Check around! 😉

    Kai W: Sherlock Holmes and Eva Dallas… there’s an interesting pair.

  12. O yes, I loved watching Moonlighting and Magnum PI and still enjoy Poirot and Midsummer Murders. Great minds in great bodies? Except Poirot of course…

  13. Sherlock Holmes without a second thought! Robert Downey Jr is an eye-candy and made me reconsider everything I thought I knew about detectives 😛
    But physical appearances aside, Poirot is my first love in detective stories. I love his reasoning and way of thinking.

  14. Hi Jillian!

    Thanks I had just found out before coming over to see what you had added to this post!

    Good luck to everyone – I know you’ll all love Jullian’s books as much as I do!

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