New Series Spotlight: Beyond by Kit Rocha

It’s time for the September New Series Spotlight! If you love series books as much as we do, you’ll know that there are tons of them out there, and we don’t always find out about them right when they come out. So we are trying to help you find some new series reads. Each month we will feature a new up and coming series that we think you should know about!

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Moira Rogers has been writing paranormal romance for a few years now, and here at The Book Pushers, we’ve gobbled up everything they’ve written. When the news came out they would be forming a new pen name and writing dirty dystopian awesomeness, my heart did a happy dance. Today, Bree and Donna are here to tell us more about their new pen name, Kit Rocha’s debut series Beyond.

New Series Description

Erotic romance set in a dystopian future where the clash between high tech and low tech is almost as vicious as the culture clash between the severely repressed but morally righteous city of Eden and the lawless sectors that surround it.

How the Idea Came About

We’ve had some of the basic setup for the series kicking around in the back of our heads for a few years now, but it was definitely different than our usual projects.  An interest in self-publishing a project gave us the opportunity to throw away our rule book and write the world as dark and gritty and unusual as we wanted it to be.  It’s been nerve-wracking in some ways, but also so much fun.

  Series Plan

Right now, we have four books planned, with more possibilities beyond that, and each book will feature a different couple (or trio, or whatever).  The second book, Beyond Control, will feature Dallas and Lex.  Beyond that…we’ll see!


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  1. I’m reading this book right now and all I can say is “WOW”! I can’t wait for more books in this series!

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