Guest Post & Giveaway with Cari Quinn

We have erotic romance author Cari Quinn here today to talk about her newest release, No Flowers Required, and the sexiness that is tattoos and piercings. Take it away Cari!!

Tattoos and piercings…hot or not?

Thank you so much to The Book Pushers for having me here today! 🙂

NO FLOWERS REQUIRED, book 2 in the Love Required series, released at the end of August and one of the things readers seem to be enjoying in the book are Dillon’s tattoos. Along with his handful of tats—including a very colorful one of a certain reptile, but I’ll leave you to find out which!—he also has an eyebrow piercing. For me, the eyebrow piercing was even more OMG-yum than his tats. But I gotta say the whole package—ahem—worked for me!

Why? There’s just something edgy and hot about a guy who adorns his body with things that mean something to him, even if all they remind him of is a fun memory of an afternoon spent at a friend’s tattoo shop. 😉 When he was younger, Dillon was a guinea pig for a friend with a shop and allowed his body to be a canvas for his pal to try out new designs. And yeah, Alexa sure enjoys the bennies that come along from that decision!

Many people get tattoos and piercings that represent significant moments in their lives, but only one of Dillon’s tattoos has a special meaning to him. He just likes body ink. And since I sure enjoyed poring over image sites for guys sporting hot tattoos, I definitely had no problem with his love of body adornment!

On the other hand, his older brother Cory is the exact opposite. He doesn’t understand the meaning of the words “dressing down” and would never contemplate a piercing, though he goes hog wild and gets a tattoo in his book. Heck, he may even get two—but the possible placement of the second one depends on just how much of a hard time his heroine gives him. 😉 I’m thinking *very* hard…

What about you? Do tattoos and piercings on a guy rock your world or do you like prefer your men sans sans body adornment? (And if so, Dillon’s brother Cory may just be for you!)

Thanks so much Cari, I am definitely in the “hot” camp when it comes to tattoos and piercings! Entangled Publishing has agreed to send one lucky commenter an e-copy of No Dress Required AND No Flowers Required. Just leave your answer to Cari below to be entered. Giveaway is open International and ends October 11th. Good Luck!

16 thoughts on “Guest Post & Giveaway with Cari Quinn”

  1. I have mixed feelings about tat’s. I love some of the exotic tribal tatoo’s that have appeared in recent years – they really are works of art and on a gorgeous guy between the pages of a book – fab 😉

    But then the other part of my braincell steps in and I can’t help but think that as the years pass and the muscles shrink and the skin gets a bit crepey . . that beautiful inked coil or snake is going to look less fab . . and turn into a faded shrunken little worm 🙂

  2. I’m a total sucker for tattoos and piercings! There is nothing sexier to me but I really don’t like tunnels….

  3. Tattoos and piercings really do it for me (probably because my husband has both), and I definitely take notice when I see them in a book. I was so happy to read about Dillon. 🙂

  4. Cari –

    I never realized I liked tattoos until my older son got his first one. He is not only a Stone and Brick Mason but also a member of the Masonic lodge and he has a full back tattoo representing both. I like tattoos that have a special meaning to the person who is getting it and my older son has a very strong personality and it fits him perfectly.

    My younger laid back there son did get a “small tasteful” tattoo when he graduated from The Citadel of a bull dog, the school “mascot” from his older brother who is the only person on the face of the earth who would ever be able to talk him into it!

  5. Tattoos are hot! Piercings are hot if its an eyebrow, nipple, or even a PA or Apa. Wow. I’ve only read one book out of thousands where the hero has an apa – Guh that was so sexy! Dillons’s eye brow piercing was all kinds of hot!

  6. I don’t mind a guy if a tattoo or two. But when there are so many tattoos, they will turn me off.

  7. This sounds great!! Id love to read it! I do find tattoos and piercings on a man hot. Down right out drool worthy on some. Yum! 😀 Thanks for sharing and for the great giveaway!

  8. I love tats on guys. Piercings are good if they don’t over do it. I’m not big on piercings everywhere but a couple of tasteful piercings are really good.

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  10. I LOVE a guy with tattooes – just makes them even more beautiful 🙂

    smaccall AT

  11. Victoria Zumbrum

    I like tattoos and piercings as long as they don’t get carried away. I don’t like them all over the body. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me.

  12. I’m alright with some tattoos and piercings, just don’t go overboard and cover a whole expanse of your body with them…

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