Guest Post & Giveaway with Cherry Adair

Cherry Adair is one of my favorite romantic suspense authors, and we invited her back to The Book Pushers today to talk about her newest release in the T-FLAC series – Ice Cold. Cherry – take it away!

I’m thrilled to be back in my counterterrorist T-FLAC world after several years’ absence. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the underwater adventures in my Cutter Cay series, and following the numbers to risk and danger in my Lodestone books is a blast, but T-FLAC operatives are near and dear to my heart, and always will be.

Terrorist Force Logistic Assault Command was conceived on a very long, very smoky return flight from Italy many years ago. Eight T-FLAC, and six T-FLAC/Psi books, and two new series later, I’m back in the world of terrorists and hot sexy espionage. I had SO much fun writing this book, it was like being back with old (incredibly sexy lol) friends.

If you haven’t read any of my books – let me sum them up quickly for you. Running-chasing-shooting-wild monkey sex-action-adventure. A little over the top-a lot sexy.

Ice Cold is no exception. You’ll find some familiar faces in this adventure, as cyber-geek Honey Winston and seasoned operative Rafael Navarro confront an ice cold tango determined to bring T-FLAC to its knees.


Here’s a little taste to whet your appetite. . .


T-FLAC operative Rafael Navarro will never allow another woman to suffer the consequences of his dangerous life. But in a world where a terrorist can do more damage with a keyboard than a bomb, he needs the expert help of a cyber-geek. And fast.

Fellow operative, and cybercrimes specialist Honey Winston prefers computers to people. But when a serial bomber threatens the world’s financial infrastructure, she’s forced to work closely with Navarro, whose notorious skill in the bedroom is as legendary as his dexterity defusing bombs.

Honey and Rafael must fight sparks hot enough to melt their resolve, and push beyond fear itself, as they join forces in a bid to race the clock before a sinister and lethal bomber proves just how much they both have to lose.

T-FLAC is back, and the timer is counting down in the most pulse-pounding explosive op yet—


Thanks so much Cherry! I can’t wait for this one!! Cherry is also giving away an ecopy of Ice Cold to one lucky commenter. Just leave Cherry a question or comment to be entered. Giveaway is open Internationally and ends October 22nd. Good Luck!


17 thoughts on “Guest Post & Giveaway with Cherry Adair”

  1. I keep checking back with Goodreads, Amazon, and Cherry’s website, but no one is talking about a paperback, only Ebook format. Is this only going to be released as an Ebook??

  2. It’s been a while since I read anything from this series but I did enjoy all the books. Will have to check to see if I’m missing any before this newest one.

  3. This book sounds promising. And I like the character’s names that are sexy enough but not ridiculous like so many are these days. It’s small of me, but I just can’t get into a book when I roll my eyes every time I read the main characters’ names!

  4. I love all your books, but I think the Tflac series is my all time favorite! I can’t wait to read this one. thanks for the chance.

  5. I love these security organizations that are out to save the world. I don’t mind having a bit of romance between the chaos and actions scenes and everything in between.

  6. I have and love all of her books, so I am happy that you have brought back the TFLAC operatives! I knew there were characters I wanted to have their own story.
    And the best thing is, I am going to see you in Berlin next year, at the Autoren Love Letter Convention, and have you sign my books 🙂

  7. Whenever I need an over-the-top romantic adventure, I always reach for a book by Adair. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. ohhh i been wanting to read this series since i heard quite some good things about it. thanks for the post and giveaway!

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