Avon Social Reader

We want to help spread the word about Avons’ New Social Reader.

Here’s a quote from the new release they sent:

Now, leading romance publisher Avon Books is piloting a free Facebook app, AvonSocialReader.com, which will give readers the chance to read excerpts from Avon’s latest books, share their favorites with friends, and discover new content based on what their friends are reading. Up to 20 percent of each book will be available to read, and once a book is browsed in the app, a person can choose to have that book show up in their News Feed or timeline for friends to see. There will also be clickable buy links to DRM-free editions of the selected Avon books from allromanceebooks.com. Consumers can also choose to purchase DRM-enabled versions of the books at other online retailers.

DRM free ebooks is great, and I hope one day that Avon will go down the path of making all their releases DRM free.

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