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So, you’ve ordered a sexy super-spy from a TV ad to show up on your doorstep. What food should you serve?

Hey Bookpushers! Thanks so much for having me here.

One of my favorite parts of working on MR. REAL was thinking through how my heroine, Alix, would prepare for a sexy visit from the TV ad super spy, Sir Kendall. What food and drinks she’d serve him. What she would wear.

Ordering Sir Kendall was an impulsive and slightly drunken move Alix made after she realized her computer had this power to bring jpegs to life. She has a day until he arrives (it takes stuff 24 hours to appear) so she has lots of time to freak out (er…plan).

I love to read about what characters eat, and I get into writing about it, too. And having them spend time in restaurants. What characters eat and drink really defines them for me. Like, both Alix and the hero, Paul, favor beer. (Paul is the fighter/actor who played Sir Kendall. He shows up after Sir Kendall does, and he’s NOT amused to discover what Alix has done with her magic computer.)

But Sir Kendall is from a liqueur ad. As the sexy spokes-spy for Denali liqueur, that’s what he drinks. So that’s what Alix plans to serve. From that scene when she’s first deciding:

She’d need to buy some Denali. And food. Did Sir Kendall eat? Of course he did. If he drank, he ate. What did he eat?
Her pulse raced. He would probably eat red meat—steaks, but not burgers. She barely ever cooked steak. Would he settle for fish? Italian food?
Would he eat chips? No, he wouldn’t want to get his hands greasy. Paul would eat chips; Sir Kendall wouldn’t. She could see him eating olives, though. Maybe with toothpicks. Yes, he’d definitely like olives.
God, this was so crazy! But, maybe he wouldn’t come. And yet, a part of her wanted him to.
A shopping list began to form in her mind, because of course she would feed him. In the commercials, he liked to have a drink, but a good hostess offered a guest food. And then what? Would he want to talk? Or go right to the sex-and-romance part? But who says Sir Kendall would be up for sex?
Of course he’d be up for it. Sir Kendall was a madly sexual being.

So she serves him olives with colorful toothpicks stuck in them.

When Alix is out of the room, Sir Kendall switches the toothpicks around, because, of course, he thinks Alix is a spy. He thinks that the olives could be drugged, and that the colors of toothpicks signal which are the drugged ones.

Later, the hero, Paul, teases her mercilessly that the man she’s chosen to bring to life drinks a liqueur that tastes like peach schnapps—and that he puts it away “like it’s Jack Daniels or something.”

Of course, it’s not just the drinks. Paul is in love with Alix. It’s never just about the food or drinks.

So, I’m giving away a spiffey ebook of MR REAL!! All you have to do to enter is answer this question: If you brought a sexy super-spy to life with a magic computer, what food would you serve?

Hey, thanks again for having me, Bookpushers!!!

Carolyn Crane is the author of the Disillusionists trilogy, assorted novellas, and the upcoming Mr. Real. She lives in Minneapolis (U.S.) with her husband and two cats.


The woman of his dreams…with the secret agent of his nightmares

Alix Gordon is a woman who doesn’t take life too seriously. What’s the fun in that? So when she stumbles across occult software that can bring any computer image to life, she conjures up lots of awesome outfits and accessories. And then, on one drunken, horny night, she conjures up Sir Kendall, the sexy TV ad spy . . . who looks exactly like Paul Reinhardt, the hot martial arts teacher who kicked her out of class a few years ago.

Fighter Paul Reinhardt has good reason to hate Sir Kendall, the character he brought to life to land a part in a TV ad; he’d do anything to forget him. A cross country road trip seems just the thing . . . until Paul finds himself inexplicably drawn to Minnesota and is shocked to discover Sir Kendall – in the flesh – with the girl he’d once loved from afar. He barges into Alix and Sir Kendall’s love nest, determined to stop the madness – somehow.

But is super spy Sir Kendall transforming into something more dangerous anyone can imagine? And what will Sir Kendall do when Paul and Alix finally give into their mad lust for each other?

Available October 30th. More here.

22 thoughts on “Guest Post & Giveaway with Carolyn Crane”

  1. This sounds like a very fun story, lol. What does one serve a spy? I think I would make some old-dutch dishes, I would now for sure he has never tasted that 🙂

  2. Thanks, Aurian. He probably wouldn’t have tasted that! Especially if they’re very, very old-fashioned.

  3. Spicy Thai food s one of my favorite! SumTum salad, sticky rice and yellow curry. He’ll just have to put up with exotic cuisine for a first date 🙂

  4. Who says you can’t have dessert first? 😉 Hmmm.. .I’d probably choose to do a Romanian dish. They’re called clatitas. They very much resemble crepes, only a bit lighter. You can fill them with all sorts of gorgeous things (fruit, chocolate, cheese etc) or put delicious toppings on them (see above). A nice sexy dish for a sexy guy, right? lol

  5. thanks for the great post and congrats to Carolyn on the newest release! It sounds fantastic! I’d serve… takeout! Cuz I can’t cook and I’ve been very nicely asked not to try any more by the friends and family 🙂

  6. I’d probably order in some Chinese food, just make it simple since I’m not into cooking and if I tried to whip something up I’d be a nervous wreck. 😛

  7. My infamous double-meat lasagna. If he doesn’t like it, then I get to eat lasagna for the next week. A win either way.

  8. This books sounds AWESOME!! I think a super spy would eat a lot of steak. That’s a bit of a guess, but I think most guys like steak and potatoes, right?

  9. I would serve herbed tuna steaks with roasted vegetables. Sir Kendall will be able to select Denali liquer or Pinot Noir to pair with his dinner. ;o)

    I’m looking forward to Mr. Real! It sounds as unique as the Disillusionists series.

  10. You guys are making me hungry! LOL. These are some great meal ideas. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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