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Today we are excited to be a part of the Before and Ever Since Blog Tour with Sharla Lovelace.  Sharla, take it away!

Hello to everyone and thanks for letting me come over and play!  🙂

People frequently ask me what my stories are about.  Now that I’ve written two novels and a novella, I can see that I have a style.  A trend.  My stories are about coming home in some way.  About facing your past.  And about secrets.

I love secrets in a story.  For me, the promise of the unknown, especially with multiple levels of lies and/or deceipt, can make the best plots.

In my latest book, BEFORE AND EVER SINCE, Emily Lockwood has alot on her plate. She is successful in her own right, with a solid real estate career, but has a headstrong daughter, a mother who marches to her own drummer, and an ex-husband who needs sex therapy. Enter into this picture a house with an agenda, and the return of her first love, rocking a tool belt and a paintbrush and dark eyes full of secrets, and Emily just flat out has things to get through and get over.  The biggest, being a massive secret of her own.

These deceptions can change lives.  Change futures.  Secrets are powerful like that.  Something as simple as keeping an assumption to yourself, can create a domino ripple effect that is still felt twenty years later.  That’s what Ben and Emily encounter in BEFORE AND EVER SINCE.

Have you ever had a significant experience with secrets?  Was the power of it for good, or for bad?

Thanks for having me, and I hope you enjoy the book!



Thanks for coming Sharla! Sharla is going to be giving away a customized tote bag to one lucky commenter. The bags includes bookmarks, swag, and a random bestselling author’s book that she got during RWA! Just leave Sharla a question or comment to be entered to win. The giveaway ends November 19th. Good Luck!

11 thoughts on “Blog Tour with Sharla Lovelace”

  1. After reading the review for this book I definitely have to check it out! I haven’t had an experience with huge, life-changing secrets (thus far), but I think they could be either bad or good, depending on the secret.

  2. This book sounds fantastic! Congrats to Sharla on the newest release! Thanks for the fun post and tour! I love reading about deep, dark secrets but fortunately haven’t had to deal with in in real life 🙂

  3. My copy should arrive today! I can’t wait to read it! The exerpts I read on Sharla’s book were fabulous. Everything I read has to (no, really…HAS TO) have a romantic element or I lose interest. I don’t care if this is classified as women’s fiction or romance. Genres mean nothing to me as long as it’s a great story with humor and romance. And from this review, it sounds like I got a heck of a deal on my purchase! Congrats, Sharla!

  4. I love reading stories with secrets and then trying to figure them out while reading. I love when I am right. I have not had too many of my own secrets, but have had others tell me things that would definately hurt others. Okay I have had some of my own secrets and I told you then they would no longer be secrets. I think everyone has skeltons in their closets, but sometimes it is fine to keep that closet closed so no one gets hurt by the secrets. I figure if you are atleast 30 years of age, everyone has a past and their is nothing you can do to change that. I have a past and it makes me who I am today.
    Thanks for the giveaway. Love finding new to me authors.

  5. I worked in an environment that was very “free” with other peoples’ secrets or dirty laundry, shall we say. Everyone loved to gossip and share little tidbits like who was skipping out on alimony or the x number of mistresses that a top trainer had. The fact that people were so damn open about things **I’d** keep a lid on was absolutely mind boggling. I got to the point where I like NOPE, Don’t Wanna Know, by all that’s holy keep it to yourself or I’m leaving. (Not necessarily the nicest way to be, but for damn sure the safest!!)

  6. Victoria Zumbrum

    I would love to read your books. They sound very good. What inspires you to be a writer? How long have you been writing? Any advice for someone who wants to write a book? Please enter me in contest.

  7. There is a secret that I have kept from my family. I feel it would be better that I take the blame than have this particular person be blamed. It would changed the outcome of thing if the truth does come out.

  8. Thank everyone so much for your great comments! Thanks to you who have already bought the book, and for those who plan to…I appreciate you! Secrets are slippery things, aren’t they? I still work a day job, so I can relate to the office secrets and gossip and I’m with you! I keep my mouth shut…safest way to be! 🙂 Family secrets are a different animal…such a tricky maze that can be. Hope you all have a great day!

  9. I’m very good at keeping secrets, so I’m not telling.

    Stories with secrets are always great to read.

  10. I love secrets in a story too. I have never had an experience with secrets yet. I believe that secrets that would do more harm than good to people around us are better kept secret. But It depends from the secret, of course.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

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