Review – Getting Hotter by Elle Kennedy

Publisher: Samhain
Publish Date: November 20th
How I got this book: Review copy from author

Seth Masterson has been lusting over Miranda Breslin since the moment he saw her on a Vegas stage. Now that he’s been asked to watch out for her as she opens a dance studio in San Diego, he’s all over it, figuring it’s his chance to get her in his bed. Except the stubborn single mom seems determined to deny their crazy-sizzling sexual chemistry. In typical SEAL fashion, Seth makes it his personal mission to prove her wrong.

Miranda got over her attraction to bad boys about the time one of them knocked her up at the age of eighteen. Seth’s mocking gray eyes and military-buff bod, though, are pure and utter temptation. And when a flooded apartment forces her and her twins to move in with him, she can no longer resist the urge to set off some serious fireworks between the sheets.

But give him her heart? No, thank you. Any involvement with Seth will be strictly physical—and temporary. So when Seth decides permanent is what he wants, Miranda must steel her defenses before she does something incredibly foolish…like fall in love.

Product Warnings
This book contains a bad boy SEAL who knows what he wants and will go to any lengths to get it. Expect some graphic language, hot sex, seduction, hot sex, dirty talk, hot sex, a little man-on-man action, hot sex. Oh, and hot sex.
*Blurb from Goodreads*

Each story I pick up by Kennedy has me falling further and further in love with her writing. She has quickly become one of my favorite go-to authors for a sexy good time! I will admit that in this story though, she really won me over with the sub-plot and secondary characters instead of the main hero and heroine.

Seth has had a crush on Miranda for longer than he can remember, but she never gives him the chance. He wants more than anything to be able to have one night with her, but Miranda has young twins and isn’t the type to start up a no-strings affair. But a strong storm come raging in and floods Miranda’s place, forcing her to turn to Seth for a place to stay. Seth is determined to use their time together to get to know Miranda better, both in bed and out.

Miranda is attracted to Seth, but with his hesitancy towards her kids, she knows that he isn’t the kind of guy who will stick it out for the long run. But their attraction is something she can’t deny, and when she least expects it, she finds herself falling into an arrangement she never imagined: a sex-only agree with Seth. It doesn’t take long for her heart to get involved, and despite what Miranda wants, she knows that Seth might not be able to give it to her. Once she realizes she is in love, will she be able to convince Seth to love her back, or will she walk away with a broken heart?

While I adored Miranda, I had a really hard time liking Seth, even after we find out more details about his history and why he has the fears he does. Although Seth was so steamy hot in the bedroom, he was kinda a dick everywhere else. Had I been in Miranda’s shoes, I don’t know that I would have taken him back after everything he put her through. He was so cold towards her kids at first, and then once he made a conscious decision to try, he went and mucked it all up, and made it to where I wondered if he would ever be able to apologize enough to win her back. I personally don’t think he did nearly enough groveling!

But Miranda was a wonderful heroine (despite taking him back so easily). She was a fierce protector of her kids, she stood up for everything she believed in and wanted, and wasn’t afraid to work her ass off to achieve her goals. I loved that she was so protective of her kids, and that she was hesitant about starting something with Seth, especially given his reaction to them. I liked that she stood up for herself and her kids when push came to shove, and didn’t take too much crap from Seth or anyone else.

Their romance was a little iffy for me. I liked that Miranda waited awhile before jumping into bed with Seth, and that they developed a bit of a friendship before jumping into anything serious. I liked that Miranda was the one to pull away emotionally when she realized what Seth could and couldn’t give her. I liked that Seth honestly tried to make it work, despite his fears. I did feel that Seth’s past didn’t really completely fall in line with his present day actions, and that his reactions to his past were a little over the top.

But the one thing I loved the most about this book was how much page time we got with Dylan. I fell in love with Dylan in the last book, because he was so free with his sexuality. I loved the m/m/f menage, and in this book Dylan fights his attraction to friend-of-a-friend Aiden. I loved the way these two men danced around each other, fighting off their attraction and denying what they want from one another. I can’t wait to see how Kennedy takes these two characters and gives them a happy ending, because I am jonesing for that book!!

All in all the secondary plot with Dylan really kept me going through this book. I loved every moment with him and can’t wait to see where his character goes next. While I enjoyed Miranda, I had some issues with Seth and his inability to get over the past and move forward. But, just as I expected, Kennedy gave us some really steamy and sexy scenes that I’ve come to count on from her.
I give Getting Hotter a B-

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