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Today, we’d like to welcome author Lawna Mackie to the blog. Her latest release is Perfect Misfits, a Paranormal Romance. She’s here to share with us what the holiday season means to her and how it has inspired her work. Welcome, Lawna!

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Bio: I have always believed in fairy tales and when I got tired of the old ones I made up my own. Each story would have a hero and heroine, but they were anything but typical.

I devoured my first romance novel when I was a teenager and soon discovered I couldn’t read them fast enough. Years later I stumbled across my first paranormal romance…an injustice would be done if I tried to explain my joy when I found this genre of romance. Now writing any type of love story is my passion, whether it’s paranormal, fantasy, historical or contemporary–for me it’s all about LOVE and a happy-ever-after.

I am truly blessed. My husband is my hero in every story. My family and my precious animals are my inspiration. We live on a small acreage in Didsbury, Alberta, with Dozer, Daisy, Mandarin and Peppers.

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The Christmas Spirit and Writing Romance

I love Christmas and the happiness it brings to me at this special time of year. In fact, I love Christmas so much it tends to wind its way into the books I write. I’m sure everybody has a favorite time of year, or a certain season that is extra special to them, but for me it’s all about Christmas. I love decorations, Christmas trees, short bread cookies, eggnog, family, Christmas carols and all the television shows that come out in the month of December.

Writing romance and happy-ever-afters is what makes my heart sing. I like to write paranormal romances, fantasy romances, historical romance…well you probably get the point, basically anything as long as it’s romance.

Cover of Perfect Misfits by Lawna Mackie
I started writing my novella PERFECT MISFITS in the month of December because I was filled with Christmas spirit, but hidden within this book is a special tie to Christmas. I’ll give you a hint. One of my favorite Christmas shows is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It doesn’t matter how old I get and how many years go by, I just can’t wait to watch this show each year. I bought the movie, but it’s not the same as my building anticipation waiting for it to be aired on TV. So if any of you decide to read my novella PERFECT MISFITS you also need to be familiar with the show Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in order to figure out how the two are connected. Part of the clue is in the title–that almost gives it away. On my website feel free to contact me and tell me what you think the link is between the Christmas show and my novella and I will have a special gift for you.

Cover for Quinn's Christmas Wish by Lawna Mackie

I was married to my wonderful husband in the month of December and I always wanted to be able to write a Christmas romance…so I did just that. QUINN’S CHRISTMAS WISH is one of my favorite stories. Guaranteed this story will make you laugh, cry, grit your teeth and love the Christmas spirit. If I didn’t love Christmas like I do I’d never have been able to write this story.

As an author I love to be inspired. It’s what helps me create my stories. Christmas definitely inspires me in so many ways. Many authors probably feel the same way at this special time of year and if it’s not Christmas that does this for you then I’m sure it’s something else that inspires one to write or do what you love.

I’m thrilled to be here today and I’d love to hear from everyone. I wish all of you the best holiday season and happy reading in the New Year!

Cover of Perfect Misfits by Lawna Mackie

Ryder, commander of the Levarian legion of gargoyles, has a problem. He keeps dreaming on duty…and falling…neither of which gargoyles ever do. Every dream is of the same woman, and every time, it brings on red-hot, searing pain in the crescent-shaped scar on his palm. Driven to find the woman and the reason for his bizarre dreams, he lets himself fall…

…right through to a place he never knew existed…to the woman of his dreams.

Labeled a misfit, Tempest was snatched away as a child and imprisoned in the hidden realm of Misfit Mountain. Locked up by Fedor, the ruler of the kingdom, who intends to take her as his bride, she has no choice but to brave the dangerous snow and ice of the Mountain to escape. Despairing, faced with the impossible choices of Fedor or death, love is the last thing on her mind, until Ryder snatches her from the air and into a whole new realm of feeling.

Can Ryder find the key to freeing her and save them both?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    What a pleasure it is to be here today! I really look forward to chatting with everyone.
    I hope you’ll take advantage of participating in my little contest. What is the link between the television show Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and a piece of story in Perfect Misfits!
    Leave your comments on my site!

  2. Thanks for this guestpost. I do love all things Christmas, the decorations especially. But since I have a family of my own, it has gotten more special.

  3. You are so right Christmas is exceptionally special with family. I don’t have children, but I do have four-legged furry children, and they too make everything just perfect…except for when the kitten is climbing the tree! This morning I went to pick him up and he now has pitch all over this back…still made me smile though.

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