Joint Review: Exposed to You by Beth Kery

Publisher: Berkley
Where did you get the book: Paperback arcs from publisher
Release date: Out now

Losing control is just the beginning…

“What would you do if the sexiest man in the world was bent on bringing you unbearable pleasure again and again? Joy Hightower wasn’t sure she could survive the experience…or live without it.”

It’s not often you’re hired to paint a body tattoo—and what a body—on a total stranger at a Hollywood film set. A reserved and careful art teacher, Joy would never forget it. In a rare fit of raw desire she gave herself completely, knowing she’d never see him again, or ever repeat such a shameless, naked impulse.

Little did she know, the man with whom she shared that lightning bolt of lust was star Everett Hughes. For Everett, women and sex came as easily as fame. But how could he hope to convince the guarded Joy that beneath the hard body and sexy façade of celebrity was a real man who wanted only one, real woman?

In the heat of an intoxicating affair, Everett endeavors to break down her barriers, gain her trust, and expose himself as the real deal. But can Joy do the same, and reveal to him the vulnerable woman who longs to be loved, wanted, and desired forever?

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Lou: I enjoy Beth Kery’s writing, but sometimes her books are hit and miss for me. I adored the first book in the series, Addicted to You, and was looking forward to the second book. Exposed to You features Everett as the hero, who is is the brother of the heroine from the first book. Everett is a mega Hollywood actor, and he meets his heroine, Joy, whilst having his body tattooed by her whilst on set of a movie. Joy is an art teacher, but she also helps out her Uncle who owns his own art production company that works on films. Joy doesn’t know who Everett is underneath all that paint, but the two of them have a very intense attraction to one another, and Joy gives Everett the infamous blow job scene that was very very smexy. Whilst I loved the beginning of the book and the intense chemistry between Everett and Joy, I struggled with the rest of the book and was bored with the characters and the story. Nothing exciting happens, and it’s all too nice for my taste.

Has: I felt the same way. I adored the first book which was full of humour and emotions–as well as intense sex scenes that really helped to add another layer of heat to the romance. But I felt there was something missing in EXPOSED TO YOU. I did enjoy it but it didn’t live up to the previous books, and whilst the romance was sweet and tender, and the love scenes were very hot and smokin’, I just felt disconnected with the story and most particularly with the heroine, Joy. I understood her reasons in being secretive about her cancer and her fears over it coming back but I felt that I could not connect or relate to her because she was so distant. I did love Everett’s character but I totally agree with you about the lack of tension and conflict. It didn’t really push forward the plot and it kind of felt flat.

Lou: I felt guilty whilst reading the book because instead of feeling sympathy for the heroine, all I felt was annoyance with her secrecy. And my biggest issue was that it didn’t feel real. I knew that her distance was the tension for keeping the hero and heroine apart. And the history with her mother also felt mechanical to keep the heroine from having her HEA. The plot just meandered along with Everett and Joy playing nicely and having lots of smex. I was very bored by the time I got to the halfway mark. I was hoping for some sparks or banter between them, but they were just too nice to each other. Joy’s secrecy over her cancer and not even letting her Uncle be apart of her past treatment, it just didn’t gel over for me. I also found Everett to be so nice that it didn’t ring true for a superstar hollywood actor. I doubt a lot of hollywood actors get to where they are by being super nice. I was just waiting for something to spark in the story, and nothing did.

Has: That is what I wished would happen. I wanted to see more interactions with Everett when he found out about her past with cancer and her fears. It was glossed over and brushed aside, and when she had her scare (which I knew would happen because it was predictable) it was used as a way for her to face her fear and for Everett to find out the truth. Nothing really happened, and a lot of ways there was nothing much in the story and the characters to carry the plot. It was a sweet and subtle romance but it was lackluster with its execution.
The only highlight was the love scenes which conveyed more emotions than any actual conversation with the two main characters.

Lou: I did enjoy the heroine’s Uncle, and I could see him as hero material for a future book. But apart from the sex scenes, this book doesn’t have much going for it in terms of a plot. I also got very annoyed with a very basic and lazy mistake. Towards the end of the book, it’s mentioned that Joy’s father is the European Manager of the Formula 1 Team. What the fuck, I thought. There are teams inside F1, not one whole European team. If you’re going to mention F1, at least get it correct. So along with that humongous mistake, I was hoping to finish the book quickly so I could move onto something else. Exposed to You features a fantastic first scene of an erotic romance book, but features a dull plot with characters that doesn’t light up the pages. I give it a C.

Has: I also did note that mistake with the Formula One manager fail. And it would have been easy to research into how the teams are structured. I also hope there is a book dedicated to the heroine’s uncle who did stand-out as a supporting character, but overall, the book was lukewarm with its premise and plot–and it was a shame because I think it could have been a real heartfelt romance, but it never rang true for me.

I also give Exposed to You a C.

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