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We love brand new authors here at The Book Pushers! Fresh new voices in our favorite genres gives us another person to cyber-stalk and glom onto! We figured since there are always new authors getting published through both the big New York publishers, as well as the smaller digital first publishers, we should take the time and hunt them down and introduce them to you!

Today we’ve got Isis Rushdan here to talk about what it’s like being a brand new author!

Explain to us your journey to publication: 

Stories are constantly brewing in my head, but the characters for Kindred of the Fallen demanded I write their tale. One winter I had a couple of months off and decided it was time. As I revised the manuscript, I entered various Romance Writers of America contests to get impartial feedback. The scary thing was I started winning. My agent also found me through a contest, requested the manuscript, loved it and sold it to Samhain Publishing. There was a second offer on the table from one of the big six publishers, but I felt my debut novel would be better served by the level of support Samhain promised. So far, I’m thrilled with my decision.


What’s your first published book about:

In one sentence: When star-crossed lovers find each other in this lifetime, they trigger a civil war over salvation, catapulting them into the cross-hairs of danger. It’s a paranormal romance with gripping action and steamy love scenes. Instead of vampires, werewolves or faeries, I created a species to appeal to fans of angels and superheroes. The entire story arc unfolds over three books. Readers will feel satisfied at the end of the first book, while I hope eager to buy the second.


Do you have anything in the works?

I’m currently writing the third book in the Kindred Chronicles. I’m also plotting two new series.


What are your overall dreams, goals and expectations for your future as an author? 

My goal is to have two to three books a year published. I just had a baby in June, so my little man is slowing me down a bit in the best possible way. I’ll continue to write paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but I also have a contemporary romance in mind.


What’s your writing process like? Has it changed from when you first started writing?

Writing is a passion as well as a career for me. When my muse graces me, the words flow easily, characters speak to me as I exercise, scenes unfold while I shower, and I become completely engrossed for as long as possible in the world I’m creating. If my muse decides to play hooky, I still show up to work every single day.


When did you start writing? What was your very first story about?

Like most writers, I’ve been creating characters and worlds for as long as I can remember, but I started writing seriously in 2010. Kindred of the Fallen is my first book.


Who were some of your inspirations for becoming an author?

Nathaniel Hawthorne, Anne Rice, and Jacqueline Carey had the biggest influence on me.


Give us the story about when you got “The Call”:

First my agent forwarded me an email from an editor who was interested in the story.  Then she contacted a second editor who had also shown strong interest. When my agent called, she told me both wanted to make an offer. She suggested I speak with both editors on the phone to get a feel for their vision for the story, and then we could discuss the specifics of each deal. The editor is your strongest advocate at a publisher so it’s critical that they LOVE your book. It was brilliant advice.


Who is the author you would most like to meet living or deceased and why?

I can’t pick just one. Graham Greene, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Nalini Singh. I lose myself in the beauty of their words.


Thanks so much Isis for being here today!

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  1. Congrats to Isis on the new release! Thanks for the fun interview and the book sounds fantastic 🙂

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