Read Along with the Wolfies Snippet # 2

Granite Lake Wolves Read alongTime for the second snippet. Coming to you from Wolf Flight. Enjoy!

“It’s great to see you, but I wasn’t expecting you until next week.” He slid a hand through his hair leaving the dark spikes a mess. Missy wanted to drag her own fingers through the strands and wondered what he would do if she reached out and gave in to temptation. He glanced as his watch and fidgeted. “I don’t want to be rude. I mean, I’ve been looking forward to your visit but I’ve got a customer this afternoon and i’m not finished prepping. Do you mind if I slip out back for a bit? It should only take ten minutes.”

Missy frowned. Hadn’t he figured it out? She was sure she’d told him the reason she’d come north. Or while trying to be secretive about other things, had she forgotten? “Tad, I have an appointment.”

He let out a big sigh, sounding relieved as he pulled her to her feet and gently tugged her back toward the door. “That’s great! Why don’t you go get your stuff done first and then come back and meet me in half an hour? We can visit until my customers get here.”

“But–” She was out the door, back into the bright and cool February day.

“Looking forward to it. Sorry, I’ve got to hustle. See you later.”

Tad closed the door behind her and Missy stared in shock. She burst out laughing as she made her way back to her truck. That had gone splendidly. Not! She giggled, delighted at the lightness of her mood. There had been little to laugh about over the past months and this mixed-up situation was her fault. She’d dressed to impress. It obviously worked based on his physical reaction but he was a little too distracted.

She reached into the cab of the truck and grabbed her work clothes. It looked like her excuse for coming to the Yukon would be needed after all.

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