Read Along with the Wolfies – Snippet # 3

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Well to make up for my team losing yesterday here is a little something to cheer us all up. Enjoy this third snippet coming from Wolf Games.

A low rumble to her right brought Maggie’s attention snapping back. Two of the wolves from the other team surrounded her, their lips curled to show their bared canines. Her knees went weak as memories rushed over her. Growls and tearing pain, sleepless nights and nightmares. She wavered for a second.

“Maggie, fight back. You’re strong, there is nothing they can do to you.”

One of the wolves snapped at her hind leg and she whirled on him. Pulling herslef to her full height, she let her anger and frustration at being cowed rise. Too many years. She’d had too many years of being the one to run and hide, and she wasn’t going to do it again. A scary growling filled her ears, startling her for a moment until she realized it was her making the racket.

She stared the wolf down, pacing forward deliberately. He retreated, swinging his head to the side, looking for his backup. Maggie lunged at him, batting at his head with the back of her paw. She didn’t want to draw blood, just make him stop. How dare this team turn what was supposed to be a fun event into something fearful? Inside her, anger continued to build. It exploded out, her power flying in his face. Hd dropped to his belly in an instant and cowered in submission. Turning to face the other wolf she discovered he’d disappeared under TJ and Jared. Eric howled once, a long low cry that filled the mountaintop with his power. Darren sulked off as Eric rose to stride to her. Jared licked at his shoulder and she joined him, knocking him to the ground with her body so she could look over the wound. The scratch wasn’t too bad, so she let him up, reassuring him with a touch of her nose to his chin.

Eric stroked her muzzle with his. “Thank you, Beta, for helping care for our pack.”

The lump in her throat felt very strange in wolf form. “Shit.”

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  1. Well I did it. I went and bought the rest of these and I should be caught up by the end of the week.
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