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Everyone put your pouty faces on, because no matter how much we beg, cajole, or bribe, Nalini is refusing to give us the scoop on Hearts of Obsidian. So, instead of wallowing in our misery of not knowing what’s to come, we decided to talk a walk down the Psy-Changeling memory lane. We are taking a look back at the past 11+ books and novellas as we prepare for what’s to come!

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Thanks for being here today Nalini!

Thanks for having me here! And, by the time this interview goes live, you’ll have two chapters of HEART OF OBSIDIAN, so all pouty faces should be smiles! J


The Book Pushers: When you started writing Slave to Sensation, which one character stood out the most to you, and why? 

Both Lucas and Sascha were powerful from the start, the driving heart of the book.


The Book Pushers: We know that each book holds a special place in your heart but which one couple or plot stands out above the others for you?

I truly cannot answer this question – I’m not even dodging it! I sat here and stared at the question for ages, but it’s much too hard. I love each of my books for different reasons. Each time I sit down to write, *that* book and the people in it, become my favorites, and I think that’s how it should be—each hero and heroine, each story, should be written with all my passion and heart.


The Book Pushers: With the few couples who have had their story told in a novella, did you ever wish or think you would have liked to give them a full novel story? (PS: MinnChica says Nate and Tammy could always use another book just focused on them and those adorable cubs!!!) 

Yes, sometimes. Maybe one day I’ll do a reboot. 😉 But what’s interesting is that the novellas tend to be straight romances, with only a small hint of the overarching plot that runs through the series, so they have a different feel to the full-length books. Making them longer would fundamentally alter that I think. 

Or maybe not. Maybe I could just write a Nate and Tammy and their everyday life book—springing Jules and Rome out of detention, stealing a kiss, then realizing the twins are chewing on the expensive carpet, Nate laughing and taking the rapscallions outside to play football until they’re too tired to do mischief… Hmm…


The Book Pushers:  Which of the Psy designations that you’ve written were the hardest to write and why? What about the easiest? 

Foresight was an interesting one, because I had to consider all the implications of being able to see the future, and work out the limits to it. Telepathy is easy in one sense because everyone understands it, so I don’t have to explain as much—but at the same time, I have to work out all kinds of things when it comes to mental shielding, so that it’s logical and yet at the same time easy to understand.


The Book Pushers:  What has been the most surprising thing you have discovered while writing this series? 

That my subconscious is way ahead of me. I’ve been writing later books in the series and I’ll suddenly realize a piece of the puzzle is slotting into place that I didn’t consciously put into the books, and yet the piece is exactly where I need it to be. So now I don’t argue too hard when my subconscious says, “Stick that in, it’s needed”. I just do as I’m told.


Heart of ObsidianThe Book Pushers: Out of the child characters, which do you find the most challenging to depict and why? 

None! I love them all to pieces! They all have such unique and fun personalities and are so upfront in their needs and wants that there are no secrets, no hiding their feelings. 

It’s the juveniles, like Toby and Jon, who require more careful thought, because they’re no longer children and yet not adults yet, so it’s about finding the right balance to be true to who they are now. And of course, teenagers hide everything!


The Book Pushers: Now to look forward: which character are you MOST excited to write about next? 

The hero of the next book! I can’t tell you his name yet, as it’ll spoiler HEART OF OBSIDIAN, but it won’t be a secret for ages like with this book. Ask me after you’ve read HEART and I’ll be happy to tell you – I think most people will guess anyway after the events in HEART.


The Book Pushers: Are you able to tell us how far off (timescale) will it be before the loveable Kit gets his own book? 

Hard to say. He’s quite young, and needs to grow into his strength. Unlike Lucas or Hawke, he isn’t being forced into early alpha-hood, and that’s a good thing. He’s slowly becoming an incredible man, and I don’t want to skip that journey – I think we all want to see Kit grow from book to book, don’t we? It was so much fun to see him with Sienna in KISS OF SNOW, see the young man he is now compared to the boy he was in SLAVE TO SENSATION. 

With the current timeline, there are no major time jumps plotted, so it’s not going to be soon. I would, however, like to write about him, so you will see his book one day.


The Book Pushers: And talking about Kit–if he’s got the dominance to lead his own pack one day, will he have to move out of the pack?

Yes, but he won’t be forced out. Lucas and Kit have a relationship that means Lucas’s leopard will accept a younger alpha nearby, and Kit’s leopard respects Lucas’s.

However, Kit will naturally start to want to form his own pack as he grows older. In all likelihood, that pack will remain very tightly aligned to DarkRiver, because Lucas and Kit have such a strong relationship, and because some of the members of the new pack will come from DarkRiver (for example, some of Kit’s year-mates, like Cory or Nico, may well end up his sentinels). They will be family.


The Book Pushers: Do you anticipate writing more short stories or novellas about various members of the Packs?

Yep. I’m always writing shorts just for fun! I usually share them via my (totally awesome *grin*) newsletter for anyone who’s interested.

I don’t currently have a specific novella that I’m working on, but I have two or three ideas that I’m playing with for secondary characters, so I might quietly work away on them in the background until they’re ready to go.


New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh is passionate about writing.  Though she’s traveled as far afield as the deserts of China, the Highlands of Scotland and the temples of Japan, it is the journey of the imagination that fascinates her most.  She’s beyond delighted to be able to follow her dream as writer.  Nalini lives and works in beautiful New Zealand.  Visit the author online at,, and


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  1. Fab 😀 Can’t wait for Heart! Ms Singh is such a wonderfully consistent writer throughout this series . .

    *waves to Nalini*

  2. Its so interesting that she says that she at times puts things in subconsciously because I always think plan out those foreshadowing gems. Its nice to think that authors have that “that is why they did that one thing 3 books back moment” that us readers get.

    So can’t wait for Heart of Obsidian

  3. Thanks Nalini. Can’t wait for Heart of Obsidian. And am loving Kit’s journey. He’s one of my favourite characters.

  4. So can’t wait either to read HoO, thanks for the interview Nalini. Interesting comment about your subconscious wirting in pertinent things, which I can see as you’ve always said you had a plan from start to finish for the series and are so involved with it, makes sense you’d do that.

  5. Thanks for sharing this, I loved hearing about Kit! I definitely want to see his journey as he continues to grow up.

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