Review – The Seduction Hypothesis (The Science of Temptation #2) by Delphine Dryden

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Publisher: Carina Press
Publish Date: Out now
How I got this book: ARC from the author

(1 Curious Sub + 1 Dom in Denial) – Inhibitions = 4 Naughty Nights

Wildlife biologist Lindsey thought attending a fan convention with her new boyfriend Ben was a great idea—until their relationship fizzled. Lindsey still lusts after her ex—but if he wants her, he’s going to have to prove it.

Ben will do anything to win Lindsey back, and when he sees her in her skimpy black vinyl convention get-up, he realizes what she’s been craving all along. And he is inspired to finally give in to his own dark desire to take complete sexual control…

Lindsey is surprised by her reaction to Ben’s kinky new seduction techniques, and suddenly sees the brilliant but uptight code guru in a different light. After several erotic encounters in hotel rooms and stairwells, she’s falling for Ben all over again. And wondering if the intimate connection will last once they head home…
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A couple of us here on The Bookpushers read and enjoyed The Theory of Attraction, Lou’s thoughts and my thoughts so when I saw that Dryden had a sequel coming out it immediately went on my wishlist. I was lucky enough to meet Dryden at the 2013 Romantic Times Convention and when I mentioned to her that we had enjoyed the first one and I was planning to review the second one, she graciously provided me with a copy. The Seduction Hypothesis contained several of the same elements that I enjoyed in the first one but established a very different dynamic. A dynamic that I have thought about several times since I finished reading the last page.

Ben and Lindsey had been in a steady relationship when suddenly their relationship ended with Ben claiming that Lindsey cheated on him with Ivan, the hero of the first installment. Lindsey did not understand where that accusation came from but since Ben refused to discuss the issue she did not push to keep their relationship going. Ben and Lindsey also shared the same circle of friends so once happy gatherings turned tense, full of passive aggressive behavior on both sides. Prior to the break-up, the group of friends planned a road-trip to a fan convention and since the break-up neither Ben or Lindsey was willing to back out of the trip.

The RV trip proved to be an eye opening experience for several members of the group. Ben was forced to admit, if only to himself that he had some of the blame for both the break-up and the manner in which it happened. He also started thinking that maybe Lindsey wasn’t completely over him and that Ivan just happened to have some mannerisms that Lindsey liked. Lindsey discovered that Ivan and Camilla had some other elements to their relationship that seemed to explain the difference between what Lindsey had with Ben and what she wanted.

I ended up with mixed feelings about Lindsey. I felt for the rejection she must have experienced when she tried to obliquely bring up her interests to Ben earlier. But, I also thought that when Ben was trying, she kept testing him as if he was an experienced Dom and getting upset when he didn’t respond appropriately. However, once she decided that she was not going to be in a relationship without the inclusion of BDSM she did start talking to Ben and explaining why she did not trust him to continue in the lifestyle.

Ben, well he certainly demonstrated some of the best aspects of being a geek/nerd. He showed an ability to focus, learn, remember, and turn theory into practical application. I also think that out of the two main characters I think he experienced the most active growth. I enjoyed watching him step outside of his passive-aggressive, blame others behavior into that of a more confident man who owned his actions.

It was a lot of fun as Ben and Lindsey figured out who they were individually and together with a little help from their friends, but I found that something else struck me with just as much intensity. I picked up what seemed to be an underlying theme that both of them were unhappy because they were trying to conform to what societal norms said they should instead of who they were. Ben felt guilty that he was aroused by his glimpse of the newest graphic novel so he had an extreme negative response. Lindsey knew she was missing something but she did not feel comfortable discussing it openly. It wasn’t until both individuals decided that it was ok that they were able to find happiness. Really made me wonder what percentage of society (take your pick) falls within that framework.

Overall, I enjoyed reading The Seduction Hypothesis. It was thought provoking, entertaining, and spotlighting how sexy geeks/nerds really are. I am looking forward to the next installment.

I give The Seduction Hypothesis a B/B-

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2 thoughts on “Review – The Seduction Hypothesis (The Science of Temptation #2) by Delphine Dryden”

  1. I liked the Theory of Attraction (ToA) a lot, so pre-ordered The Seduction Hypothesis (SH) as soon as I found out it was coming out. I liked SH even more than ToA. It was more light-hearted than ToA and had many funny moments. I’m definitely looking forward to the next installment, The Principle of Desire. Unfortunately, it’s not coming out until December

  2. So glad you enjoyed reading them both. One of the things I love about the book community is how two people can read the same story and take completely different things away with them. I am also looking forward to the third one :).

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