Heart of Obsidian Pre-Release Party #8

Pre-Release Party Obsidian
For official rules i.e. the fine print please see this post.

Contest #8:
Which story had excerpts from the PETROKOV FAMILY ARCHIVES? An excerpt of one is included below.

Dearest Matthew,

It’s Christmas Eve, but the world is strangly hushed. Normally, the changelings would be playing their yearly tricks – I always half expect to find a tiger sitting on my porch come midnight, as I did once when I was a child. He’s brought me a fresh bough of holly, can you imagine?

13 thoughts on “Heart of Obsidian Pre-Release Party #8”

  1. Blaze of memory! I love this story. The letters makeyit like two stories in one. Tugs at my heart

  2. Blaze of Memory–and those excerpts are one of the things I like the most about that story.

    They add to the individual story, but also further the world building and provide stepping stones for future stories.

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