Heart of Obsidian Pre-Release Party Contest #6

Pre-Release Party Obsidian
For the official rules i.e. the fine print please see this post.

Contest #6: Who is your favorite pairing and why? Limited to stories through Wild Invitation.

20 thoughts on “Heart of Obsidian Pre-Release Party Contest #6”

  1. Riley and Mercy. I think part of it is the fact that they’ve know each other for a while and that makes me buy into their relationship a bit more than the ones that go from zero to mates in the space of a few meetings. I love their dynamic.

  2. Tough one. But it is Riley and Mercy for me too. Both strong people who learn that they fit so well together. Love their story.

  3. For me it’s a toss up between Riley & Mercy and Tammy & Nate. I loved the novella with Tammy and Nate, and think their romance is so wonderful and epic and sweet and everything I love in my romance stories. But Riley and Mercy were smokin’ hot from page one, and I love the whole opposites attract story line.

  4. This is very very difficult to answer definitively.

    I absolutely love Judd and Brenna–more than anything else, because Judd remains Judd, there’s no sudden face about.

    Lucas and Sascha are amazing together, and they are the ones who started it all, so…

    And tied with these two couples? Walker and Lara.

  5. shaneal jernigan

    I loved sienna and hawke. I couldn’t wait for it and have read it several times

  6. Indigo and Drew. I love how the way Indigo sees Drew changes, from him being Riley’s baby brother to a potential mate. I absolutely love the way Drew tries to win her over, especially with all the Hershey’s Kisses. It’s also the first book where a female wolf is more dominant than her mate, and I love how they work through the problems this causes their relationship.

  7. Now I really can’t choose so I COULD say all three of the Kincaid relationships, because all of them had to fight through a lot of complications. But I choose Hawke and Sienna, because that pair really seemed to be impossible and unaccessable. And, we’ve still waited for it for so long…

  8. Riley and Mercy, since they are my first Changeling couple to read (not count Tammy and Nate, since I read theirs in Wild Invitation). I like them because they kinda of bridge between DarkRiver and SnowDancer

  9. Caressed by ice’s brenna and Judd! Hands down for me. One of my Fav couples in all of urban fantasy/paranormal/romance. They don’t need each other but they do NEED each other. Both are strong but together they are awesome 🙂

  10. Lucas and Sascha – love seeing their relationship grow throughout the books.
    Having said that – it’s definitely Faith and Vaughan’s story that I’ve re-read the most. Hawke & Sienna are a close second.

  11. Mercy and Riley for the win!! Although Hawke and Sienna could possibly (even literally) beat them for first!

  12. This is an unfair question. *Glares darkly* Because there are so many GOOD couples to choose from for so many different reasons.

    I’ve probably read Brenna and Judd’s story the most out of all them so far. I love their story, I just do. Him coming to grips with learning how to feel, and her recovery (with Judd’s help) through her awful experience with the Psy.

    OTOH- I probably shed the most tears reading a Tangle of Need. That book hit all the right chords for me involving choosing whom you love vs. instinct and the mate bond. *shrug*

    PFFFT. I could choose ANY book really.. and it’d be a winner. I’ve re-read all her books, multiple times. 😛

  13. Alyssa Sullivan

    Hawke and Sienna. Hands down. Their book was so moving to me, I swear I read it all the time. Loved it!

  14. Tough but I would have to say Walker and Lauren but who knows with upcomming books

  15. Maritza munoz

    Mercy & Reilly because she is strong and he truly respects that about her. Shenalso allows him to be strong without losing her power. Does that make sense?

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