Guest Post & Excerpt with HelenKay Dimon

We love HelenKay Dimon here at The Book Pushers. This morning, E and I posted our joint review of her latest release, and now HelenKay is here to talk to us about her favorite scene from the book. Take it away, HelenKay!

The First Meeting by HelenKay Dimon


One of my favorite parts of a romance novel is when the hero and heroine meet. Who am I kidding?  I love the zapping attraction and the smart banter. Give me those two and I am lured in by the sexy set-up and ready to go. When the hero and heroine already know each other the meet has a different feel, but when they are meeting for the first time there is a chance for sparks.

In Just What He Wanted, my 4th book in the Holloway series for Carina Press, the couple meets and things go a little haywire. Easygoing Travis thinks he’s visiting the new manager at the campground owed by his boss. Travis is expecting a guy named Andy. Instead, he gets a hot, curvy blond female named Andie. She doesn’t know he’s been set up to think she’d be someone else…someone without cleavage. She’s too busy fighting off heavy smack of attraction that hits her for a guy who’s obviously younger (by about 10 years) and hot enough to have women waiting in the bushes to jump all over him.

Just What He Wanted cover image

The meet goes like this:

He was six-feet of hello-there-handsome. She ignored that and pretended to be a mature professional, though him looking like that didn’t make it easy. “Good afternoon.”

Up close, only a few feet away, she got a nice view. Green eyes, not dark or almost brown. A pale shade of green.

He smiled. “I’m looking for Andy Patterson.”

And he had one of those deep voices with a slight southern lilt. Man, he got sexier by the second. “You found her.”

His smile faltered. “Excuse me?”

The cute one seemed a bit slow. “I’m her.”


The conversation got stuck. She tried again because it was either that or look in on the cabin the writer guy checked out of that morning. She never saw him so much as open a window in the two days since she arrived. She seriously considered setting off a disinfectant bomb and hunting down a hazmat suit.

But she had another male to deal with at the moment. “You seem to like asking questions.”


Well, that didn’t work. She thought the 38Ds would give him a hint, but she spelled it out anyway. “You’re looking for Andy with a ‘y’ but it’s Andie with an ‘ie’.”


“You don’t need to call me ma’am.” Mostly because it made her feel ninety.


The poor thing looked like he’d been hit with a big stick. “Andie as in Andrea, but no one ever calls me that. Well, not more than once.”


“There you go.” He’d stopped frowning and making every response sound like a question. She decided that amounted to progress. Of a sort.


Really, with a start like this how could these people not get together? 🙂


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  1. So I have to admit that was a favorite scene of mine as well. I laughed so hard as I was reading it!

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