Guest Post with Mickey J Corrigan

Today we have a new author posting with us, Mickey J Corrigan. Her latest release is about sexy geeks, and who doesn’t love a sexy geek?? Take it away Mickey!


Geek Love is the New Black

If you had your choice between a billionaire software designer with a Malibu empire and a cute bartender, who you gonna call?


The kids we made fun of for wearing thick glasses and multiplying four digit numbers in their heads have evolved into the world’s best catches. These are they guys we want to bed. The men we want to marry. The most popular males in the room are the smartest guys in the room, not the ones with the bulkiest builds. Although, those guys do get their share of attention, too.

But the men of the hour these days are super-bright. They’re motivated. They’re working hard, creating and producing and inventing and venture capitalizing. Wow, they make our heads spin with all their wizardly geekery.

And once a girl’s head starts to spin, the rest of her is not far behind.

Geeks are in style. Black-rimmed glasses are in. Tight pants, hoodies and sneakers? In the boardroom? Sure. Wearing black and looking dazed and confused? Something big must be going on in that brain. Such a turn on!

Recent consumer polls reveal women want men who love to read, act geeky, and wear glasses. Seriously. Another unscientific poll indicated that modern girls prefer guys who can fix their electronics over muscle men who spend their free time in the gym. Sure, he can left three hundred pounds, but can he get the remote working in time for The Bachelor?

Am I geek profiling? Yes, but so what? Look around you and you’ll see it’s true. Think Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Attractive, right? Why? Because they reek of intelligence, success, and sexy power. That’s just so hot.

If you are saying to yourself, nope, not me, geeks just don’t do it for me, think for a minute about the following list of well-known examples of masculine geek success (and, I might add, hotness): Larry Page and Sergio Brin (Google cofounders), Shawn Fanning (Napster), Steve Jobs (sadly, deceased). Stephen Colbert placed on the Maxim Hot 100 list, even though the write-in contest was for sexiest geek girls. As for Hollywood geekery, there’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt, John Krasinski, and the actors in The Social Network. James Franco (cute, right?) is a total grind.

Since all of these high-profile geeks are awfully busy, you might want to get yourself your own on-the-rise geek. Invest yourself in his (or her) future success. This could be the wisest investment you ever make. Proving you’re not so dumb yourself.

This is what Marcy does in Geekus Interruptus, my newest novella, re-released on September 15th by Bottom Drawer Publications. The previous publisher could have used a geek advisor. Then they might not have had to close up shop, leaving all their authors hanging by their teeth! Luckily, the people at Bottom Drawer are super savvy. And hot for geeks.

In Geekus Interruptus, a sexy farce about geek love, Marcy makes an investment, then she falls in love with it. With Jess Margate, super nerd. She seduces and marries the gawky genius who, yes, behaves like he’s from another planet. No matter, their life together is wonderful. They are rich and living the dream—until the romance starts to fade and he seems to be drifting away. Marcy is afraid he’s falling into the arms of another woman, and she discovers reasons to believe he is sneaking around on her. So she goes undercover (after a trip to the local spyware store for some very geeky tools) to catch her man in the act. She’s crazy about Jess, and she doesn’t want to lose his special brand of geek love.

Geekus Interruptus is a romantic comedy, a bit of a farce. But geeks as the new black is no joke. Is that a tablet in his pocket or is he happy to see you? Probably his portable computer, but don’t let that stop you. Geek love is the way to go—if you’re smart.


Mickey J. Corrigan lives in mindless South Florida, where she writes pulpy fiction and tries to hang around smart people as much as possible. Visit her at

Publisher’s link:!geekus-interruptus/c1odt




Marcy Margate has it all: she’s young, rich, and built like Barbie. She isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but the girl’s got sass and spunk to spare. Plus, she’s sizzling hot. When her marriage to a real live genius starts to dim and grow cool, she’s tempted to fool around with the horny neighbor. It would be so simple to revert to her former loose, single-gal ways, so easy to take the sleazy way out.

But Marcy loves her husband, even if Jess Margate is from the planet of the nerds. She decides to play it smart for a change. Using spyware and creative strategy, she plots to find out why her geek has been interruptus. Armed with the latest in miniature technology, Marcy plans to uncover the cause for the downtime in their love life.

A modern romantic comedy of hot errors and hotter apologies, Geekus Interruptus is a story for our time. Because these days, nerds rule. And geeks have guilty pleasures too–some quite different than our own.

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