Guest Post, Excerpt, & Giveaway with Deena Marlowe

Today we would like to welcome a newcomer to The Book Pushers, Deena Marlowe. Deena is here to talk to us about her newest release, The Witch’s Plaything. Welcome, Deena!

The Witch's Plaything

Thanks to the Bookpushers for hosting me here today! I struggled over deciding what to discuss with you. Then, like a light bulb, it went off! Experimentation! SCIENCE! Kind of 🙂

The Haunted Hijinks trilogy of short stories is my first foray into self-publishing, though not my first time being published. My previous experiences with publishing were immensely helpful in managing these projects. I decided to keep these stories on a small scale due to the time frame in which I wanted to publish them. As with any experiment, I began with a hypothesis, researched other people’s experiences with the hypothesis, proceeded through the testing of said hypothesis, and came to a conclusion. Ultimately, I’ve decided I want to stick with self-publishing short stories.

The other area where experimentation comes into play are the types of stories I plan on telling as Deena. Because they are short, they’re not going to fit into traditional publishing schemes except for specific anthology calls. Sometimes you can have a great story that you know the editor would have loved to include, but it was odd man out with the other finalists in the anthology’s line up. The next story I’m releasing is one of those odd balls. When I wrote it, I was able to play with my author voice, and who knows when there will be another call for fairy tale erotic romance? (I seriously cannot wait to see who was selected for the anthology as I’m sure they’re all going to be fabulous!) Those are the kinds of experiments I’m really looking forward to doing as Deena. I’m building a specific brand as my traditionally published alter ego, and not all of my experiments will fit into that brand. I hope Deena’s brand will be one of sensual surprise. But you’ll have to tell me if it is!

In the Haunted Hijinks series, my experiment was to tell linked erotic stories with a strong-ish camp horror element since it was set around Halloween. I thought the series was going to go in a specific direction, but when I got to the end of the third story, it surprised
me. I looked back at all of them and a theme jumped out at me. I seriously had not planned it to end the way it did, but I like it. The
third story is also the most romantic of the three, and I think it’s because it’s from a woman’s point of view where the first two are from
men’s points of view. I love them all because I was able to truly play with characters and expectations.

For my next big experiment, I’ll be spending at least the first half of next year, if not the whole year, writing episodes of a story I’m
describing as “Quantum Leap meets Belle du Jour”. I originally thought  “Dr. Who meets Belle du Jour” since they have Billie Piper in common, but QL is much more appropriate 😉 I hope you’ll join me on the ride!

Excerpt from The Witch’s Plaything:

The sheet raised back into position as they exited the room. Back in the darkened hallway, Brent leaned down to Cressida’s ear. “I’m sorry about that.”

“It is of no concern at this time. Another infraction and you will be punished.”

The last was said with such relish that Brent plotted how he could brush up against her without drawing attention to them. Maybe he could get her number at the end of the tour and they could hook up when he sent his students out for dinner on the town.


They paused in what felt like the middle of the hallway.

“Turn to your right.”

They all did as instructed, and light began to fill a room separated from them by glass. A woman was confined neck and hands in old fashioned stocks. Her blouse was ripped down her back, exposing creamy white skin. Off to the side, a man in a devil’s mask stood with a bullwhip in hand.

Brent heard a few snickers from the guys in the group. A whisper carried over their heads. Kevin. “Ten bucks her boobs fall out and you can see nip.”

The crack of the whip was the only response. The woman in the stocks flinched. Even from this distance, Brent could see the bloom of red on her back.

He shifted on his feet. The man in the mask wielded the whip again. The woman writhed, but Brent wasn’t sure if the sound she made was one of pain or pleasure.

Cressida pressed up against him. “Do you wish to feel the lash, Brent?”

His half-formed erection hardened to steel. He choked out an answer. “No.”

The hand not holding the candle ran up his thigh to cup his cock. “You lie to me. You will be punished.”

Thanks, Deena! Also, Deena is giving away 10 copies of The Witch’s Plaything!! To enter, leave a comment or question for Deena. Giveaway is open to everyone and ends November 29th. Good Luck!

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  2. The excerpt has me enticed that I want to read the book. Thanks for the interviews, the book description, and the giveaway.

  3. @Jenna O:

    Great question, Jenna!! I really had to think on this for a bit. I’m kind of torn between two, but they both play similar roles in that they are assistants to great detectives and are often the emotional bridge between the detective and almost all of the rest of the world during investigations. Those two are Watson from Sherlock Holmes and Peabody from the In Death series.

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