Review – Best of Three by Erin Nicholas

Best of ThreePublisher: Samhain
Publish Date: Out Now
How I got this book: eARC from publisher

Emma Dixon is known for getting in over her head—and having a great time doing it. She’s aware her shenanigans rub Nate Sullivan the wrong way, but getting a rise out of the cocky surgeon is one of her favorite pastimes. Truth be told, exasperated looks aren’t the only things she wants from the guy.

Nate has no intention of taking another trip down the falling-in-love road. Women are carefully compartmentalized—to his bedroom. Women who don’t mind his take-charge tendencies. Women very different from sassy, sexy, independent Emma.

But his usual strategy of arguing with Emma to keep from kissing her goes out the window when his son falls in love with her friend’s daughter. Emma sees a normal teenage romance. Nate sees his plans for the boy’s future ruined.

As Nate tries to derail the relationship, Emma runs interference, putting herself directly in the path of the chemistry that grows stronger every time they butt heads. And that could very well lead to the best surprise of all.

Product Warnings
Contains a guy who knows exactly who he is and what he wants and a girl who’s going to change his mind about, well, everything. Plus inappropriate use of chocolate cake (of course, that depends on your definition of inappropriate).
*Blurb from Goodreads*

I was so looking forward to this book, because the way Emma and Nate have been circling each other for the last few books was enough build up to guarantee an explosive read!

Emma is the fun Dixon sister, known for her carefree ways and flirtatious attitude. She has been dancing around Nate for awhile now, the two of them snipping and tormenting each other to the point of sexual frustration. She wants Nate more than any man before, but he seems to be the one guy immune to her charms. But spending time with Nate outside of their usual hangouts means that they are finally given a chance to get to know one another better, and Emma is even more hooked than ever.

Nate isn’t ready to fall in love again, especially with the wild child Emma. The more she pursues him, the more Nate is determined to drive her away. The only thing he can think of is to turn on his domineering attitude. Only problem? Emma seems to enjoy it. Nate is more confused and determined to send Emma running when he finally succeeds, he wants nothing more than to win her back.

Emma and Nate had some seriously sexy moments in this book. When Nate turned on his domineering side, I melted right alongside Emma. Their sexual tension is off the charts, especially as Nate tries his hardest to resist Emma at every turn. However, Nate’s ability to walk away from Emma started to get on my nerves, because he could see that he was hurting her, and yet he kept at it. It was just as sexy as it was annoying.

Despite my few hangups about Nate and his attitude, I loved their romance. I thought Emma having to really work at a relationship for the first time ever was so wonderful to watch. She was the one who had to deal with the frustration and uncharted territory when it came to courting Nate. She was the aggressor, the instigator in their emotional relationship, and I loved that. Poor Nate didn’t really stand a chance as Emma found fun ways to place herself into his path on a regular basis.

The catalyst to their big fight was a twist that I didn’t see coming, but loved. It is a fairly typical spin, and one that might not appease everyone, but I thought it was perfect for Emma and Nate. I loved the extra drama and angst that it brought to their already imperfect relationship, and how Nate went out of his way to do something extra special for Emma with his big gesture.

I felt like we didn’t get to see the other Dixon sisters as much in this book, and instead were treated to a secondary romance between Nate’s 18 year old son, Michael and his girlfriend, Shannon. It was fun to see the parallels between Nate and Michael as well as Emma and Shannon, and how both couples treat their relationship. It was fun to see Michael and Shannon be so young and carefree and innocent, and Nate and Emma adopt some of the adolescence into their romance.

All in all I thought this was a wonderful addition to the Counting on Love series. I think the Dixon sisters are so much fun, especially when they interact together and as they tease their brother. While Nate and Emma weren’t my favorite couple in the series to date, I did think they had a sweet and super sexy romance.
I give Best of Three a B

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