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Today, we have author Gina Maxwell here to talk to us about her latest release, Fighting for Irish. Be sure to check back later today for my review of this book. Gina, take it away!


 Spice Up Your Love Life: Read Romance

I’ve been reading romance novels my entire adult life. I’ve watched them go from the old “bodice rippers” that practically had us believing Fabio was the only man on the planet (who also had an entire wardrobe of puffy-sleeved shirts that never fastened properly and always faced a strong headwind) to the much different romances of today.

The romances out now are not your mother’s romance novels. The heroines aren’t clueless virgins scared of being deflowered. They’re either comfortable with their sexuality or they learn to embrace it by the end of the book.
But what does any of this have to do with your love life? Plenty. Here are three ways reading romance books can make your sheets spark for reasons other than static electricity.

1. Any age dog can learn new tricks. In many ways, romance books are like instruction manuals. They’re practically blueprints for men on how to make women happy. I’m pretty sure if men read romance novels there would be world peace due to male contentment and satiation. But that’s another article entirely.

Being a romance writer doesn’t come with an automatic knowledge of all things sexual. But I can tell you that 75% of what I do know has come from reading books by authors who know different things than I do. It might be a trick on how to please my husband in a new way or a trick on how he can please me in a new way. I know people who have learned things about themselves and what they like because of reading romance. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Knowledge is power.”

2. Recharge your libido’s battery. Let’s face it. We’re busier than ever. We hold down full-time jobs while juggling our houses, husbands, kids, pets, and our church’s annual bake sale. The last thing on our minds at the end of a long day is summoning up enough energy to go at it like a couple of rabbits.

But reading a great romance is like attaching jumper cables to that near-dead thing we call a Sex Drive, and on the other end of those cables is a monster truck. Women are stimulated mentally, unlike our visual counterparts. I challenge you to read a steamy scene (I have several you might try *wink*) and not be keyed up enough to want to do something about it.

Just last week several of my readers joked that, due to their personal experiences, I should change my tag line to Gina L. Maxwell: Helping men get lucky, one steamy scene at a time. Evidently, they all had very happy hubbies last week.

3. Covert Communication. Like I mentioned before, any good romance novel could just as easily be titled Making Women Happy for Dummies. And not just sexually, but for romantic and mundane areas as well. But as I’m discussing the spicier side of things today, here’s a little tip on how to tell him what you like between the sheets (or anywhere else, for that matter) if you’re not quite bold enough to have a frank discussion.

Have him read—or better yet, read it to him—a part you like. Whether it’s a sentence, a paragraph, or a whole dang chapter. If you make it clear that you’re intrigued or aroused by this excerpt, it’s going to get his wheels turning. If you can bring yourself to tell him specifically what it is about it that cranks your engine, your chances of him getting the message are much higher. Tell him if it’s a move the hero does or if it’s the time or setting you find exciting.

You might be surprised at how easy the conversation starts to flow about new things you both want to try. And new is the exact ingredient you need to spice things up and keep them fresh. Just like when the relationship was, what? That’s right: new. 😉

Thanks so much Gina! Thanks to the folks at Entangled, we have 2 ecopies of Rules of Entanglement (the previous book in the series) to giveaway today. Just leave a comment about your favorite spicy romance book to win! Giveaway ends January 20th. Good luck!

9 thoughts on “Guest Post and Giveaway with Gina Maxwell”

  1. My most recent spicy read was Rebel by Joan Swan. It was such a sexy and sweet book. I love the series.

  2. Ride With Me by Ruthie Knox is literally spicy, as in there is a pivotal scene that involves many bottles of hot sauce!

  3. My most recent favorite spicy read is Asking for Trouble by Tessa Bailey. Ms. Bailey writes lovely filthy mouthed heroes that flip all my switches

  4. I find myself skimming over the sexy times in many romances because it seems like they are just there because it’s expected, but Ruthie Knox is one author that does it right in all of her books. Her characters have such a great emotional connection and it comes out in the sex scenes.

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