Guest Post & Giveaway with Amy Jo Cousins

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Today we have a treat for you. This is the launch day for Harlequin’s newest venture they are calling HarlequinE. Amy Jo Cousins was kind enough to include a guest post talking a bit about HarlequinE and what readers can expect from this particular line. In addition we are participating in a giveaway sponsored by the four authors included in Volume One. To find out more about this contest and to catch a look at the fabulous prize you can visit Amy Jo Cousins’ website. I don’t know about you but I absolutely loved the idea of winning one of the prizes. To enter the contest make sure you use the rafflecopter widget. Good luck!

The coolest thing about being a part of the new HarlequinE line, hands down, has been making friends with my fellow Box Babes: Rebecca Avery, Sarina Bowen, and Denise McDonald.

Yes, we’ve nicknamed ourselves. We’re super cool like that.

We didn’t know each other before being packaged together in the Contemporary Romance Box Set that launches today. (Today! I can’t speak for the other Box Babes, but it’s been nine years and a fourth grader since I last had a book release, so I’m practically peeing in my pants with excitement over CALLING HIS BLUFF hitting electronic bookshelves.) We tracked each other down on Twitter and Facebook and before you could blink, the emails were flying back and forth every day, squealing over covers, planning giveaways, and talking about how things work with this new Digital First Series line.

Harlequin is doing things a little differently this time around. First, they’re focusing on series books with HarlequinE, not single title releases (that’s what the fabulous Carina Press line does). So if you love one of our books, you’ll be seeing us again. Today’s release is Volume One, with additional volumes to come later this year.

But the most exciting part of HarlequinE’s new approach is how the pricing is being handled. One of the conversations I see over and over again in Romancelandia (it is rumored that I, for one, spend so much time on Twitter that an intervention is being planned by my friends and family as we speak) revolves around reader frustration with ebook pre-orders and purchases that drop in price shortly after a new book releases. It drives people up the wall, understandably so.

HarlequinE is designed to reward early readers. All the HarlequinE Box Sets will release at special discounted prices for ninety days. At that point, the box set will “blow up” and each book will be released individually at its regular price point. In our case, the Contemporary Box Set, Volume One, is discounted 69% off the total price for the four books. (I’m sure that discount percentage is a total coincidence.)

So, welcome to the revolution! We’re celebrating our new love of box sets with a Boxes Are Beautiful giveaway: free box sets of books and boxes of chocolates and caramels too. Enjoy the fun! We certainly are. And come find us online to celebrate HarlequinE!

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