High Seduction Excerpt and Giveaway

Today we have Vivian Arend here to talk to us about her newest release in the Adrenaline Search & Rescue series. High Seduction released on Tuesday, and we have a super sexy excerpt as well as a giveaway!

High Seduction

LIFELINE: an elite search-and-rescue squad based out of Banff, Alberta. Specializing in high-risk rescue missions,
this team goes wherever the job takes them…

As the chopper pilot for the elite Lifeline search-and-rescue team, Erin Tate is used to handling power. Calling the shots in the air is one thing—in the bedroom it leaves her cold. What she wants is a man strong enough to strip away her control.

Paramedic Timothy Dextor has a wild card reputation, and the dark appetites to prove it. The only thing missing is a woman he can share them with. Landing a position on the Lifeline squad puts his old flame back within reach. He already knows what Erin needs, and this time he’s not letting her go.

But when an emergency throws Erin and Timothy together in unanticipated ways, the stakes are raised—on the job and off. Now they’ll both discover the real meaning of control…and the risks that come from falling in love.


They moved into the cooler section of the pool, thoroughly heated by the past hour. The colder water around them was still a perfect contrast to the air temperature, and they found a place on the gentle slope of the concrete beach where they could enjoy both the water and air.

He rolled to his side and let himself admire her all over again, the one-piece swimsuit she wore clinging just right and offering a more seductive view than if she’d been naked. Nearly.

Erin lifted her head off her arms and damn near growled. “Do you have to do that?” she whispered.

“Do what?” He stroked her with the words, tempted to stroke her with his fingertips as well, but knowing it was too early.

She narrowed her gaze. “Don’t play coy, it doesn’t suit you.”

“What does suit me, kitten?” he asked. “Or shall I tell you what I’d like to be doing instead of simply admiring you?”

She opened her mouth, anger or frustration rising once again.

He spoke quickly to finish his thoughts before she could lambast him. “Your flying is the best I’ve ever seen, and you’ve sculpted your body into a strong tool for your job. You’ve done well over the years. I’m happy to see it.”

His final words took the wind out of her blustering sails, her lips twitching into a smile. “You haven’t changed much yourself. Still able to charm the savage breast, and win all people to your side.” She grinned hard for a moment. “Tripp has a boyfriend, by the way. So don’t get your hopes up.”

Minx. “He told me on the drive over to the pool. I wasn’t planning on seducing him, just enjoying the man’s skilled touch. That is possible without wanting to become lovers.”

She pulled in a ragged breath, her dark eyes glittering as she fought to match his gaze. “Pleasure without emotional attachment.”

“Oh, I’m very emotionally attached already,” Tim insisted, knowing that they weren’t talking about the man at all anymore.

“Physical and mental and emotional connections are always mixed up, kitten. You can’t have one without the others, or it’s like masturbation. Even the best private session is missing something vital.”

Another crack appeared in her untouchable façade as a smile escaped. “What is it with you and talking about jerking off? I remember you doing that at the worst possible times, as if you were trying to see who you could freak out.”

“And if I remember correctly, you always laughed. Said you didn’t mind if a few uptight eavesdropping cranks got a bit of the stuffing knocked out of them.”

She nodded slowly, glancing to see who was near this time, but the closest person was out of earshot. Erin rolled to her side, her lean body only inches away.

When she spoke it was in a low, husky voice that scraped his spine as if she’d applied her fingernails to his skin. “And are you trying to knock some stuffing around?”

“Just saying that emotion doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I got to see Tripp in action today. I talked to people who admire him, and I’ve formed an opinion, which is I like the man. I don’t want to fuck him, but I’d go out of my way to make him smile.”

His blandly spoken honesty drew out a snort of laughter. “Like I said, you haven’t changed.”

He made an instant decision and shifted closer, connecting their bodies at the hip and shoulder, daring her to move away. There was nothing intrinsically intimate about the gentle brushing of bare skin.

Far, far too intimate at the same time.

“That’s where you’re wrong. I have changed, a hell of a lot. I’m here to prove that to you.”

She took a quick breath in, a pulse beat visible at the base of her throat. “I thought you were here for a job.”

It might be too soon, but part of having grown up meant he was not going to lie, not even by omission. “That as well, but I’m really here for you. I want you back, Erin, and I’m willing to work for it.”


So sexy!! Vivian is giving away one print copy to US/Canada addresses only today. Just let us know what your favorite action packed romance is. Giveaway ends February 12th. Good Luck!

14 thoughts on “High Seduction Excerpt and Giveaway”

  1. Vivian’s book sounds amazing. I love the cover. I love her books. I also am a fan of Maya Banks’ KGI series.

  2. One of my favorite series with action in it is the Demonica/Lords of Deliverance series by Larissa Ione

  3. I think JD Tyler’s Alpha Pack has really great action and romance. I’ve been discovering Arend over the last month, and I’m really impressed with what I’ve read so far!

  4. I really like Vivian’s writing voice.

    My all time favorite action-packed romance? Still undefeated (after reading plenty of action/adventure romance): Gone Too Far by Suzanne Brockmann.

  5. All of the titles coming to mind are YA. I’ll have to think hard for an adult romance title that fits the prompt!

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