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In an effort to save myself from “D” and “F” books, I’ve started giving myself permission to stop reading before a book is over. I don’t like doing it, but I just don’t have the time to read a book that I know I’m not going to like. Because of that, I’ve had a few did not finish books to report.

Saving Dallas by Kim Jones – I bought a motorcycle romance box set, and liked quite a few of the books, but this story by Jones was not a good one. The editing was horrific, the mistakes were multiple per page, and the world was too unrealistic. I love my MC books to be out there, but it felt like Jones took every possible trope and threw a few extras in for good measure. The heroine was like a twelve year old little girl, and the hero was both sweet and a total jackass. I only made it to about Chapter 8 before I threw in the towel

Witch Interrupted by Jody Wallace – I love all things witches and wolves, so I was really excited about this book. While the writing was top-notch, I just could not get into the characters or the world. Both the hero and the heroine were very blah characters to me, even after about 70 pages in. Without a good feeling of the story in general, I had to stop.

Crash by Ruby McNally – I was looking forward to reading Lights and Sirens book, because I love the danger and high stakes aspect of working as an EMT. However, this book was written in present tense, with memories in past tense in parentheses. I’m not sure why, but that style of writing kept pulling me out of the book. Add in a hero and heroine who refer to each other by both first and last name and I found myself getting more than a little confused. The heroine also seemed like she was going to have a huge martyr complex, and I’m not a big fan of the direction that was heading. I, unfortunately, only made it to Chapter 4 with this one.


Tantra by Adi – I requested Tantra by Adi last year because it was Urban Fantasy, with vampires, and set in a non-western culture. I was super excited because the back cover blurb showed a lot of promise. Other scheduled reviews kept getting in my way so I did not end up starting Tantra until earlier this year and I ended up with a very painful decision to DNF. As fascinating as the world Adi created, I found my reading bogged down by short repetitive sentence structure and a heroine who seemed incapable of learning from her mistakes. By the time I reached the 40% point I dreaded picking up my ereader and attempting to read. At that point I decided that as excited as I had been about expanding my UF reading this particular story was not for me.

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