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BP Note: So I am a HUGE Dani Worth fan so when she contacted us to ask if we would be interested in doing a little something for her upcoming Kithran Regenesis release, Origin out 8 April, I had to say yes. Dani has been kind enough to provide an exclusive excerpt and she is hosting a world-wide giveaway so stay tuned to the end of the post for more information.

Origin cover image

In the race for freedom—and love—there’s no holding back.
The Kithran Regenesis, Book 4

After fourteen torturous years as a slave on a galaxy roving entertainment ship, Siri carries only vague memories of parents who loved her, Gwinarian food, and her beautiful home planet of Kithra.

When two space pirates burst into her owner’s room, the choice they offer her is all too easy: stay and face government questioning about the two intruders, or take a chance and go with them.

Claybourne and Anders had planned to help expose the pleasure ship owner’s involvement in Kithra’s destruction. But when they happen upon Siri, saving one of the last—and most beautiful—of the Gwinarian race takes precedence.

Siri tastes freedom long denied…and temptation to succumb to the deep sexual tension vibrating between her and her two liberators. Clay and Anders take pleasure in letting her take the lead in rediscovering the power of intimacy.

But there are more secrets to uncover, and Siri senses that the closer they come to the truth, the closer she comes to the most painful choice of all—to let her pirate lovers go.

Product Warnings
Sexy human space pirates. An acerbic-tongued crew. A beautiful wounded alien woman. M/M/F sparks galore, and interplanetary intrigue.

Origin Excerpt:

Clay seemed strangely subdued when we finally left the observation deck. But then I felt the awkwardness and thought I understood. We’d shared a connection in there that had me all turned around. I was coming to the slow realization that I wanted to experience a little more on this ship than exciting books and food. Well, the food had started exciting. Anders had explained it usually got boring on the longer trips because they needed better storage options. I shuddered, remembering the weird soup I’d ended up with the night before.

The captain walked beside me and I stole a few peeks. He had this way of moving, this sort of intense, fluid walk that screamed “I know where I’m going, what I’m doing, and I’m always in charge”.

I bit back a smile, sure he wouldn’t appreciate the observation. But both Anders and Clay touched me in ways I never knew existed. Maybe…maybe I should do something to learn more about it. And in the meantime, I could watch them get past whatever it was that kept them from sharing a room.

We ran into Anders in the passageway that held all the closed doors. He frowned, his green eyes flickering down, and I realized Clay was still holding on to me, his fingers wrapped around my wrist. I was so used to being led down passageways from handlers, I hadn’t even blinked over this touch. I stopped walking, which made Clay stop and look at me.

“You okay?” he asked.

I could only stare at where he held me. He let go, stepped away completely. “Sorry.”

“No.” I shook my head. “Don’t be. It was actually okay. Just like earlier was okay too. I’m just surprised.”

“What happened earlier?” Anders asked.

My gaze flew up to him when I noted the thread of anger lacing his question. “Nothing happened.” I almost choked on the words. “Nothing bad. The captain just…well, he just—” I stopped, cleared my throat. “He just comforted me when I talked about my friend.”

“A friend Para Lashin told her he killed.” Clay scowled at Anders and waved his hand up and down. “What’s with the getup?”

That’s when I noticed Anders wore nothing but shorts. My eyes went wide as shock hit me. How had I missed this? The man was built huge and tough, with broad shoulders and muscles everywhere. Everywhere. I suddenly wondered why I’d felt so safe around someone who could obviously squish my head in his hands. Then I looked back up into green eyes that held such compassion and remembered. The man’s heart was as big as his body. And I couldn’t help but look down at it again. None of the men I’d been forced to be with in the past had rippled, hard stomachs like his. I should have opened his shirt more the other day.

He was holding a towel in front of waist. The cloth covered him to mid-thigh. He had nice, muscled calves covered in blond hair. The light scruff on his chin was a little darker than the hair on his head and legs, and I instantly wondered which color would be around his—

I lifted a hand and covered my eyes, sure the heat scalding my neck and cheeks was glowing a nice, ripe red.

“Oh, sweetheart, what I wouldn’t give to know what just went through that mind of yours.”

“Yeah,” Clay agreed, but his voice sounded strangled.

I peeked at him and found he’d turned as red as I felt. And then, there was the movement that drew my gaze down, before I snapped it back up to see he’d caught me.

When our eyes locked, I knew he was remembering my comment about the eye being drawn to movement. He choked, snorted, then we both started laughing. Hard.

“You two are weird,” Anders muttered as he brushed past us.

BP NOTE: Dani is offering two digital copies of Origin. This giveaway is open worldwide. To enter leave a comment responding to the following prompt:

“There are a lot of interesting fruits and vegetables on the planet, Kithra, as well as on the deserted ancient planet featured in Catalyst (#3). If you could create the perfect fruit or vegetable, how would you describe the taste or what sort of combinations of fruits and vegetables we have here would go in it?”

The winner will be announced on Friday 11 April. Good luck!

14 thoughts on “Excerpt & Giveaway with Dani Worth”

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  2. So excited about this release.
    I’d have to have a sweet, fruity and tart fruit. Like a cross between a pineapple, orange and strawberry. 🙂

  3. I’d have to say the consistency of an apple or pear but the taste of strawberries and kiwi 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. bonita english

    best of luck Dani,i know from what i read so far this is going to be a winner.

  5. I’d create a fruit that tastes like a tropical fruit salad – pineapple, coconut, mango, banana, passionfruit.

  6. I’d created a pink lemon that gives you pink lemonade when you juice it… because it’s kind of embarrassing just how much I love pink lemonade. No mixing of lemonade and cherry syrup necessary ever again!

  7. I would want all the characteristics of a dragonfruit except that it would have an intense flavor. Dragonfruit is usually very mild in flavor. If dragonfruit could have more pronounced tropical flavors (like custard apple, lychee, or passionfruit), that would be great, too.

  8. I’d go with some combination of tropical fruits, like mango + pineapple with hints of coconut and banana.

    By the way, thanks for featuring this book. I hadn’t heard of the series before but after reading the blurb and excerpt I’m totally intrigued. I’ll have to check out earlier entries in the series. I also love the cover–the hair color and that camo dress are so striking!

  9. I LOVE all these answers! i also want to try so many of these. Have to admit, I’m a flavored lemonade fan, so it would be fun to have native, flavored lemons on a planet. None of those creepy, hybrid man-made crosses either–but real mixes. 😉 Thank you all so much for playing!

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