Joint Review – Bladed Magic by JC Daniels

Bladed MagicPublisher: Self
Publish Date: Out Now
How we got this book: eARC from author

For the first time in her life, Kit Colbana’s life was going just fine. She had a nice, easy job. She’d managed to escape the not-so-loving attentions of a family who’d rather see her dead than look at her. She had a roof over her head and she didn’t have to fight for every little thing she had.

Then she finds herself tangled up with a green-eyed witch by the name of Justin. He’s looking for somebody and for some bizarre reason, he seems to think she can help. All she has to do is say no, and she can go back to her safe little existence. That’s exactly what she needs to do and she knows it.

Too bad she’s not very good at following her own advice.
*Blurb from Goodreads*

MinnChica: The Kit Colbana series is one of my favorite urban fantasy series. I adore Kit, and I love Damon. While we don’t get to see the relationship develop between Kit and Damon in this book, it is a prequel, I loved getting to see the way Kit came to be the woman she was at the beginning of the series. In this book (like the 3rd) we get to see as Kit finds her own ground. She’s been beaten down, and we get to watch as she builds herself back up.

E: I am behind on the Kit Colbana series but I loved reading this novella because I was able to see some of what formed Kit. She was recovering from some traumatic events and along the way discovered some interesting facts about herself. I also loved seeing how her relationship?friendship?its complicated? with a certain green-eyed warrior started.

MinnChica: This novella is a bit different than other prequel novellas in series I’ve read. Mainly because Kit is still becoming the Kit we know and love from the first book. I love the way that Walker has created this huge, elaborate backstory for Kit, and there are so many different nuances to why she is the way she is. I was hoping that we would get the chance to learn a little bit more about Kit’s family, but we don’t. That being said, getting to see the way Kit discovered her passion for helping people was pretty awesome!

E: I loved that aspect. Like you, I do want to know more about her family but I enjoyed this glimpse of Kit becoming the Kit we originally met. It really helps explain some of the choices she makes and how she deals with the results. Once again Daniels used a pretty gruesome series of actions to serve as the catalyst for Kit’s change but we were able to see how Kit made a difference in so many different lives. I also enjoyed her flirtation with Justin and kinda wish I could see more.

MinnChica: While I liked seeing Kit and Justin flirt a little, it will always be Kit and Damon for me. Even seeing Kit with Justin, whether it’s in her past or not, is something I’m not excited about. Yes, everyone has past relationships, but I don’t know that I would like to see Justin and Kit together romantically. Especially since I’ve become so invested in Kit and Damon. That being said, I loved the way Justin was able to flirt and tease Kit out of her funk and into the land of the living.

E: Valid points regarding Kit and Justin. But I loved their interaction :). I also liked how Kit started to use some of what she had been taught and learned how to integrate it with another person’s skills. Reading this novella really highlighted how far Kit had come when I first met her. Now I really need to catch up on this series.
I give Bladed Magic a B+

MinnChica: All in all, I loved getting to see Kit in her early days working at Wolf Haven. Watching her start to come into her own skin, be comfortable with who she wants to become was such a treat. I liked getting a little taste of Kit’s world, especially since this series has quickly become one of my favorites.
I give Bladed Magic a B

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  1. I have actually tried to start reading the first book twice now, and both times i only read a handful of pages before exiting the file. Sigh, I have no idea why I can’t get into the writingstyle.

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