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Today we have the wonderful Erin Nicholas here to talk to us about the latest, and last (boo-hoo), book in the Counting on Love series. Take it away, Erin!

Up by 5 blog tour

Up By Five is the last book in the Counting on Love series. And that makes me sad.

This series is a spin-off series, actually. It all started with my Bradford series (Just Right, Just Like That, Just My Type, Just for Fun, and Just A Kiss) and when it was done, I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye. So I took a very minor character, Conner Dixon, and built a whole new series around him. And his four younger sisters… who all fall in love with four of Conner’s best friends.

It’s been so fun. I love this family. I love this group of friends. I love their journeys and their love stories. Is it okay for an author to say that? I think so. I mean, if I don’t love them, how can I expect that others will?

There are a ton of things I love about the series, each book individually, each character individually. You really do get to know them all well through the series—they all show up in each other’s books over and over 🙂 But I thought I’d share the FIVE things I love best about Up By Five.

1. I love that Conner Dixon, the big brother, the patriarch of sorts, the poor guy who’s had to watch his little sisters all fall in love, is finally going to fall. And with how stubborn he’s been about his sisters and friends finding love, when he goes down, he goes down hard.

2. I love Gabby. She is the perfect woman for Conner. Conner is… Conner. He’s a strong personality who has a pretty definite idea about who he is, what he wants and how things should go. Gabby is possibly the only person on earth who has the exact right combination of things to shake Conner up good.

3. I love how the other characters—Conner’s friends, his sisters, Gabby’s family—all get involved. It becomes a big, chaotic, jumbled, fun mess of meddling, supporting, advising, chastising and loving. Exactly the opposite of what either of them thinks they want—and exactly what they both need.

4. I love when Conner first realizes that Gabby isn’t just one of the guys. She’s been a part of his paramedic crew for two years, but he’s never really thought of her as a girl. He’s never really seen her. And when he does… Conner Dixon stammering and fumbling is a fun thing to see.

5. I love the last scene. Yep, you’re going to have to read to see how it all ends up, but the things that change in Conner make me smile… as do the things that don’t change 🙂 Conner will always be the cocky, sexy, full-of-it, big-hearted, protective, football-playing-life-saving hot paramedic. And then some.

You can get to know Conner and all of his friends and sisters in the Counting in Love series!
She’s the One– Ryan Kaye and Amanda Dixon
It Takes Two-Shane Kelley and Isabelle Dixon
Best of Three– Nate Sullivan and Emma Dixon
Going for Four– Cody Madsen and Olivia Dixon
Up By Five– Conner Dixon and Gabrielle Evans

Thanks, Erin! Like you, I’m so sad to see this series end!

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ALSO, Erin will be giving away one of her backlist books to a lucky person who comments below. Just let us know your favorite books series that focuses on a family. Giveaway ends April 15th. Good Luck!

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9 thoughts on “Blog Tour & Giveaway with Erin Nicholas”

  1. Suzanne Edwards

    Well I am the older sis of my younger, by 4 years, sister. I know I always made her do daring things and boss her around way more than I should! I think an over bearing brother would show his commitment and love to his younger sister. I think it would be frustrating but welcome in the long run 🙂

  2. I have six older brothers and they are protective. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is annoying.

  3. I have an older brother, but he’s not the protective type, so I envy that type of brother.

  4. Having an older brother or sister is a best way to put the blame on them. That is what my younger sisters and brother do to me since I’m the oldest.

  5. My older brother isn’t overbearing exactly but he does “know best” and this has led to friction at times. (Also, he’s very bad at helping his younger sister with her algebra homework).

    My favourite family series… probably the Kowalskis by Shannon Stacey, but there are quite a few on my list. 🙂

  6. I have two older half-siblings. My half-brother and I were never close, but my half-sister used to try and baby me (she is 11 years older). It was frustrating because she always tried to act like my mother, so we ended up fighting most of the time.

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