Review: All Fired Up (DreamMakers #1) by Vivian Arend and Elle Kenedy

All Fired Up 300Publisher: Self-published
Publication date: Out now
How I got the book: arc from authors

He’s ready to lead the way

Parker Wilson never thought he’d go from battle-hardened soldier to romance expert, but after his stint in the Rangers, that’s exactly what happened. As the owner of DreamMakers Inc., he helps other men win in the love department, using every resource available to plan the perfect date. When a routine recon turns into an unexpected night of passion, Parker’s mission becomes more personal—and he won’t give up until Lynn Davidson is all his.

She’s more than willing to follow

Lynn is a goner from the moment she lays eyes on the delectable Parker. She’s just ditched her boring almost-boyfriend and is tired of sticking to the straight and narrow. It’s time to walk on the wild side, and what better way than in the arms of the most irresistible man she’s ever met? But when their red-hot affair is threatened, it’ll take a team effort to make their dreams come true.

Blurb taken from Goodreads

If I were preparing my perfect book date it would need to be with a story that engaged me from the opening line to the end, have lots of laugh-out-loud moments, unapologetic romance, , and extremely fun and endearing characters. I wouldn’t need candles and roses, but I’d certainly want a huge helping of sensuality complete with a reason to see my book date again. Fortunately for me, Vivian Arend and Elle Kennedy have teamed up to offer not only the perfect book date, but a reason for me to care about what comes next.

Parker Wilson along with two other friends who were Special Ops soldiers have started Dream Makers, a company that caters to helping people create the perfect date. Whoa, let’s stop right here. Military heroes? Check. I mean really, you had me at Special Ops. But military heroes who are in the business of creating that perfect date and making dreams come true? I have to tell you, I was stunned and intrigued.

The way that Parker meets Lynn is quite unconventional and I think it’s better to find out by reading the story rather than me rehashing the plot. I really enjoyed these two, both apart and together. Parker was a take-no-mess kind of guy who believed in his business and his friends. I loved how he wanted to develop a more permanent relationship with Lynn and what a total sweetie he was in his romantic gestures. He understood that she needed time and gave it to her. When he screwed something up big time, he also owned it. He didn’t try to talk his way out of it, but took responsibility.

Lynn was a character that I could totally relate to in terms of how nice she could be and people often taking advantage of it. I could also get the whole being a bit of a chicken thing, too. She was absolutely delightful! When she found out the truth about her boyfriend, she realized that she wanted to figure out who she really was and that she deserved a lot better than what she was being given. While she might have been nervous, it didn’t stop her from going full steam ahead with Parker or discovering more about her own sexuality. The qualities of sweet and sass really made her a fun character to read. When she needed to confront something, she did so and didn’t just lord it over Parker’s head.

It has long been my view that no character should exist on an island alone. Friends make the world go round and it was fantastic to see fun and steadfast relationships. Suze and Lynn are best friends. I enjoyed the banter. It always does my heart good to see supporting female roles that are not instantly relegated to being the threat to the hero and heroine’s relationship. These two made me laugh out loud and truly believe in their friendship. I felt the same way about Parker, Dean, and Jack. It was great to watch them interact with one another and really come together when they were needed.

This book was smokin’ hot. There are some really great intimate scenes that take place. I love that there were certain characters who truly owned their sexuality without apology or shame. More power to them, and I cannot wait to read those particular books.

All Fired Up is a fun and sexy book that emphasizes romance and friendships. I hate reading the first book in a series without the others being out because I want the rest now now now. Surely the authors can publish them for me right now, right? Riiiight?! It fits with making dreams come true! With that said, I truly enjoyed the book, the setting, the characters, and the theme. I’m looking forward to future book dates to come, and I give All Fired Up an A+.

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