Release Week Bonanza Giveaway and Grand Tour of The Twelve Kingdoms: Day 5

Day 5 – Elcinea

jeffegraphicWith its warm aquamarine waters, white sands and tropical fruits, Elcinea is one of the loveliest of the Twelve Kingdoms. The people there make their living primarily through fishing the rich, warm waters of the Sea of Elcinea. Comprised mainly of small coastal villages, Elcinea boasts one large city, the Port of Ehas. Though the sea-faring life breeds strong sailors, the scattered population and abundant resources has subjected Elcinea to repeated invasions from her neighbors. Nemeth, Aerron and primarily Duranor have all taken a bite from Elcinea’s lovely fruit over the centuries. Nevertheless, the Elcineans continue to enjoy a relaxed, simple lifestyle making it a lovely place to visit.

Giveaway: signed paper book for US/Canada, ebook for International +$25 Amazon gift card

To enter leave a comment mentioning your dream vacation spot real or fictional. Must be at least 18 years old or legal age for your area of residence. Open internationally unless otherwise forbidden by your local law. You can enter each daily contest but you are eligible to win only one of the daily contest prizes. All entrants are eligible for the grand prize regardless of winning an earlier daily prize. Winning or not winning an earlier daily prize will have no impact on your chances of winning the grand prize. Multiple entries on a single daily contest will result in the entrant being disqualified. No substitutions or replacements of prizes will be provided. All contests will close at 5pm EST 1 June. Winners will be announced 2 June and will have until Midnight EST 3 June to respond to their notification email or replacement winners will be selected.

21 thoughts on “Release Week Bonanza Giveaway and Grand Tour of The Twelve Kingdoms: Day 5”

  1. Dream vacation is the Galápagos Islands. More realistic, I’m hoping to visit Iceland in a few years. So many wonderful places to visit, not enough time or money.

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  3. I’m thinking that I would love to visit the town of Lucky Harbor from Jill Shalvis’ series of the same name. That would be a dream come true to see all the places I’ve read about!

  4. My ideal dream vacation would be to travel to Figi and stay with my significant other.

  5. Another dream vacation is visiting New Zealand for a few weeks. It is gorgeous and I heard they don’t have the lethal animal life Australia has.

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