Interview & Giveaway with Roxanne St. Claire

Today we have Roxanne St. Claire here to talk to us about her newest set of books in the Barefoot Bay world, the Barefoot Brides. St. Claire is combining some of my favorite loves with this new series: weddings, beaches, and sweet romance! The first book in this new series, Barefoot in White, releases on May 15th.


Welcome, Roxanne!

Thank you so much for inviting me today! I’m happy to answer your questions, pop in to respond to comments, and give away a book!!

The Book Pushers: Tell us a little about how the idea for the Barefoot Brides came about.

It was really the most natural spin off from the first quartet when a high end resort and spa is built on the sands of Barefoot Bay. While writing those books, I knew there would be lots of destination weddings set at the resort, so it made perfect sense to zero in on the wedding planners and tell their stories, too.


The Book Pushers: What can readers expect from Barefoot in White?

An emotional read! But, of course, a fun and sexy one, too. Like the original four Barefoot Bay books, all of the heroines have something “big” they have to deal with before they can have their happily ever after. I promise very relatable heroines, strong female friendships, and super hot heroes!


The Book Pushers: Do you have plans to continue writing in the Barefoot Bay world after this trilogy?

I’m not sure yet! It all depends on how they are received by readers. I really love the setting and have written eight consecutive stories on Mimosa Key, primarily set in the idyllic paradise called Barefoot Bay. If readers want more, I’ll give them more…but at some point, I’m sure I’ll want to go somewhere else for a while!


The Book Pushers: What about your Romantic Suspense books, what do you have planned next in that genre?

I stopped writing romantic suspense after my publishers cancelled my two series, the Bullet Catchers and the Guardian Angelinos — but I get mail EVERY DAY asking for more. I can only write so fast and this year, I’ll be putting out six Barefoot Bay titles (three long novellas and three full length novels) plus a YA I wrote last year for Random House. I simply don’t have the time to write a romantic suspense, but I sure would love to!


The Book Pushers: Can you share with us your experience of venturing into the new world of selfpublishing?

It’s been so exciting and rewarding. The best part is how quickly I can get a book on the market. If I had stayed in traditional publishing, I would not have had a word published YET — my last book was out in October, 2013. Instead, I’ve put out three long novellas and a boxed set (the Barefoot Bay Billionaires) and the first Barefoot Bay Brides book. All of them have been edited, copyedited, proofed, and formatted professionally and I couldn’t love the covers more. There’s definitely a big benefit in self-publishing, but that’s not to say I won’t continue with my New York publishing career. I’m open to all the options and happy to have them!


The Book Pushers: What have you found to be the most challenging aspect of selfpublishing?

The technological learning curve! It’s steep and I’m not a natural techie. Fortunately, I have lots of help!


The Book Pushers: If you had the chance to meet a fictional character of your choice, who would it be and where would you like to spend the day with them?

Definitely Nick Hershey, the hero of BAREFOOT IN WHITE. I love that Navy SEAL so hard. And, let’s be honest, I’d rather spend the night than the day. Hey, a girl can fantasize, right?


The Book Pushers: Is there a romance book that has inspired and influenced you with your writing and characters?

Is there NOT a romance book that’s inspired and influenced me? Everything I’ve read has some impact on me, I’m sure. I am a huge Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Jennifer Cruise fan, so I would say their ability to make readers laugh AND cry is what inspires my contemporary romance writing.


The Book Pushers: And finally, if you were a wedding planner for your all time favourite romance couple, who would it be and what kind of wedding you plan?

I’d love to rent out a castle in French wine country and have a week-long bash with dear friends, great food, and glorious scenery. Hey…that gives me an idea for a book!


Thanks so much for coming to The Book Pushers, Roxanne. Roxanne is giving away one digital (or print, if US address) copy of Barefoot in White.  Please leave a comment or question for Roxanne to be entered. Giveaway ends June 4th. Good Luck!

13 thoughts on “Interview & Giveaway with Roxanne St. Claire”

  1. Pat Lieberman

    I would love to win a print copy – I love this series. Thanks for the chance.

  2. International entry, otherwise I would have loved the paperback.
    This series sounds so good, adding it to my wishlist immedaitely. I do look forward to reading some more of your books, as I do have a pile on my shelves already. Thanks for the lovely interview!

  3. If we are going to fantasize, then I’d want to spend it with BOTH Nick Hershey and Zeke Nicholas together! The Navy SEAL and the geek together…..mmmm mmmm good! 😉

  4. Congrats Roxanne on the new release! Thanks for such a fun post. That sounds like the ultimate romantic wedding 🙂

  5. I can’t believe that your publishers canceled Bullet Catchers and the Guardian Angelinos. I was hooked to these two series.

  6. You can’t go wrong with the combination of weddings, beaches and romance. Congratulations to Roxanne on her new series!

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