Winners – The Mark of the Tala Release Week Bonanza

We certainly hope you enjoyed your tour of the Twelve Kingdoms with Andi as your tour guide. I know our Bucket List of places to visit has certainly expanded thanks to your comments. We would like to offer our thanks to Jeffe Kennedy for providing the trip and also the wonderful prizes.

Thanks to the combination of our random winner picker tool and the random number generator below are the selected winners. Congrats to the winners!

Day 1 – Sophia D (Need you to leave a comment and enter your correct email address in the field asking for it because your notification failed permanently)

Day 2 – Ada

Day 3 – Mary Preston

Day 4 – Karin Shaim

Day 5 – Lisa

Day 6 – Anita H

Day 7/Grand Prize – ML From Day 5

Check your email for instructions on how to claim your prizes (and don’t forget the time limit to reply).

3 thoughts on “Winners – The Mark of the Tala Release Week Bonanza”

  1. Yay! Congrats to the winners!!! And thanks,everyone, for playing. I loved reading all the great vacation choices – particularly the fictional ones. 🙂

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