Review – Star Struck by Laurelin Paige

Star StruckPublisher: Samhain
Publish Date: June 17th
How I got this book: eARC from publisher

Hollywood actress Heather Wainwright was looking forward to a long, relaxing break before starting her next shoot. Except her assistant volunteered her for L.A.’s annual 24 Hour Plays.

Nervous about doing a good job for such a worthy charity, Heather falls back on “diva” mode, a defense mechanism that always carries her through. Until she encounters something that really gets on her nerves—a lowly carpenter whose Norse god eyes pierce right through her.

Highly sought-after production designer Seth Rafferty has little patience for A-listers with superior attitudes, which is why his attraction to Heather is absurd. Yet, sensing vulnerability beneath her screen-queen act, he lets her assumptions play out.

After the wrap party, Heather awakens with little memory of the night before—except that Seth gave her the best orgasm of her life, then disappeared. When he shows up on the set of her next movie, she winds up to give him a piece of her mind…and Seth shows her just how stinging hot “chemistry” can get.

Warning: Contains an outwardly snobby actress with a good heart, a delicious carpenter with a power drill, some much-deserved spanking, and an appropriately consensual—if tipsy—orgasm, as well as sex at an inappropriate time of the month.
*Blurb from Goodreads*

I adore my Hollywood romance books, so when I found Paige and her Lights, Camera series, I couldn’t wait for each new release!!

Heather is one of Hollywood’s prettiest leading ladies, but she also has a reputation for being a bit of a diva. She doesn’t exactly like that about herself, but she has worked hard to cultivate an air of not caring and letting everything roll off her back. Meeting Seth is difficult, because the man is sexy, but Heather isn’t willing to date someone so “beneath her.”

Seth can’t stand Heather’s bitchy attitude, so he keeps his high-profile job a secret from her. But getting her out from under his skin is harder than he expected. Her snotty attitude is sexy, despite the way it drives him nuts, and Seth can’t get enough of her. But a relationship in Hollywood isn’t easy, and their chemistry might not be enough to stand up to the spotlight.

I did really like this book, but I have to say that Heather drove me absolutely batty at times. She was rude and arrogant and a total bitch, but at the same time she recognized it and hated that she used those negative emotions as a way to build a shield around her life. She was very insightful for such a nasty character, and every time I wanted to smack her, she would think or say something that reminded me of how much I actually like her. It was an interesting journey reading her book. 🙂

I did really like Seth. Although he kept his job and life a secret from Heather, I loved the way he pursued her relentlessly. He went out of his way to make her feel better in many situations, and tried his hardest to make sure that she was comfortable and protected from whatever situation they found themselves in. I liked that about Seth. Add to it his amazing apology where he admitted what a jerk he was for keeping secrets from her, and he was a pretty perfect hero in my opinion.

The romance between these two was super sexy, and super sweet. Like I said, Seth tried so hard to make sure that Heather was always taken care of, whether it was in bed or out. I liked that he pushed her to explore sexual situations she might not otherwise, and how he would force her to talk to him about her reactions and feelings. At times, this book had a strong BDSM vibe to it, despite the fact that Seth and Heather refused to label their relationship. Their sex scenes were super intense and VERY sexy!!

All in all, I enjoyed the second book in Paige’s Lights, Camera series. She has quickly become one of my favorite Hollywood romance authors, and I continue to anxiously await what she will come up with next! Despite my love/hate relationship with Heather, this was a fabulous romance.
I give Star Struck a B

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