Review – Kissed by Kim Knox

Kissed**Review originally published as part of the June 2014 Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly Magazine**


Publisher: Entangled: Flirt
Publish Date: Out Now
How I got this book: eARC from author

Every princess should be kissed. And by a man who knows what he’s doing. Beatricia had been enjoying just that with Farris Turner when she was caught.But running only drives her into the arms of a stranger. A man who wants to offer her one night together, to offer her the experience her life and duties in the city of Sun-Airor–a place set out of space and time–have denied her.It’ll be her only chance before she’s forced to enter a loveless marriage…but who exactly is her stranger? And what will kissing him reveal?
*Blurb from Goodreads*

Oh kissing… First kisses, passionate kisses, angry kisses. I’m a fan of all kinds of kisses, so a book about a princess who was interrupted during her first kiss and ended up on the run pushed all my buttons.

Bea has lived a sheltered life because of her bloodline and responsibility to her people. The only thing she’s ever really wanted with a passion enough to risk turning her back on her duty is Farris. After being caught mid lip-lock by her mother, Bea risks everything by running. When she is at a different New Years party and finds a man who reminds her so much of Farris, she takes yet another risk by allowing him to proposition her. But as their night together heats up, Bea realizes there is more to her mystery stranger than she originally thought.

I really liked the set up of this book, but my biggest complaint is that there wasn’t enough time to really establish the world. I loved the concept of Bea’s power, and her people who live their lives hidden from the rest of the world. However, I never really felt like I understood exactly why they did, or why Bea felt she was forced the hide, or what exactly her duty as princess was. I needed a little bit more in the backstory in order to truly appreciate the intricacies of why Bea felt like she had to run, and why she felt like she couldn’t be with Farris.

That being said, I did really like the story, despite the fact that I felt a little lost in places. I loved the way that Bea was so attracted to her stranger, because of the way he reminded her of her one true love. I liked that she even came out and told him so. I thought it was real and sweet and a little bitchy at the same time. I liked the way she really struggled with her duty to her people, especially because she seemed to really want to live a normal life, have a normal relationship. Although she was a bit of a mystery to me at times, I liked her overall character and spirit.

I also really liked Bea’s stranger. He was strong and sexy and oh-so willing to corrupt little innocent Bea. His character had a wonderful twist at the end, and I really enjoyed the way it played out. I thought it was a neat, fun, sweet, and sexy way to bring the story all together.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book, despite the fact that I desperately needed more. I would have liked to see Knox expand more with the backstory and world-building, especially since it was such a vitol part of who Bea was as a character. But, as always, Knox writes a wonderfully sexy and fun story.
I give Kissed a C

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