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Viper's RunVipers Run by Stephanie Tyler: I was pretty excited about reading this book, especially once I found out that Tyler was going to link this series with book from her SE Jakes penname. However, I think I just have to quit her. For whatever reason, her writing as Tyler just doesn’t work for me. I like her Jakes books, and I loved the stuff she wrote with Larissa Ione, however I find myself struggling to connect with any of her solo-written books as Tyler.

Between the heroine who fell in love with the hero after a 10 minute phone call, and the ridiculous situations that had me rolling my eyes left and right, I didn’t even make it past the 50% mark before throwing in the towel. Even the super hot self-pleasuring scene wasn’t enough to keep me interested.

I’m really disappointed about this, but I think I’m going to have to break up with Tyler, for good.

E: Unfortunately I have had some recent DNFs as well.

The Forever WatchThe Forever Watch by David Ramirez: I was really excited because this was Science Fiction, mysterious serial murders, an entire society born, living, dying on a spaceship, and hints of a forbidden romance. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get through the extremely slow moving tome. I don’t think the 1st Person POV helped either because she was rather emotionally distant (part of the story) but it made the pacing seem even slower. I would like to give this another try because I am curious about the murders but it won’t be anytime soon.

Hearts in HarmonyHearts in Harmony by Gemma Brocato: I was also really excited to read this one because I loved the set-up. I really enjoyed the heroine, thought her interaction with the hero was a blast, and yet the more I read the more frustrated I became. I was unable to suspend belief enough to buy into the hero’s career, his various skills, his past, and his present. If he had one or maybe two elements instead of everything and the kitchen sink I would have been fine but the sheer amount made everything implausible. When I read a contemporary romance it is a lot easier for me to be jerked out of the world when things aren’t adding up and in this particular case it was just too much for a single individual.

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  1. I’m so SAD that you didn’t like THE FOREVER WATCH. I read it a couple of months ago and absolutely adored it. I passed my ARC to Galen and he liked it too. Maybe give it another try? The ending was a stunner.

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