Joint Review – Seducing the Bridesmaid (Wedding Dare #3) by Katee Robert

Seducing the BridesmaidPublisher: Entangled
Publish Date: Out now
How we got this book: ARC from the publisher

She has a plan. He’s about to change it.

Regan Wakefield is a headhunter in both name and personality: driven, motivated, and unafraid to pursue what—and who—she wants. Naturally, she’s thrilled when her friend’s wedding offers her an opportunity to score Logan McCade, the practically perfect best man. Unfortunately, groomsman Brock McNeil keeps getting in her way, riling her up in the most delicious of ways. But Brock’s smooth southern charm isn’t part of the plan…so how exactly did they end up having searing-hot sex?

Regan may pretend the erotic electricity sparking between them is merely a distraction, but Brock knows better. She refuses to see beyond the devil-may-care façade he presents to the world, while he sees straight through hers. Changing her mind—and getting under her skin—is a challenge he can’t resist. And when he wins, Brock will do whatever it takes to convince Regan that the best man for her is him.
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MinnChica: I have to admit, I’m pretty bummed that this series has come to an end. I really enjoyed reading all these books, and loved the layout of how the books were all happening at the same time. It was new and fresh and so much fun to read. Getting to see Regan and Brock last was a great way to wrap up all the other couples, all while getting their own happy ending.

E: This has been a really fun series to read. I love the central theme and how well each installment was interwoven with the others. For someone who isn’t a huge contemporary reader I think I have added to my list of authors whose work I will keep an eye out for in the future. While I usually have to read series in order this one didn’t suffer from my reading the fourth installment first. In a way it was almost fun because while I had some guesses about who ended up with whom watching each couple’s individual journey has been a blast. Regan and Brock certainly kept me guessing and wondering how they would work through certain preconcieved notions.

MinnChica: One of the things I loved the most about Brock and Regan was the way they were so different. They were truly an “opposites attract” kind of couple, and the contention between them was off the charts. The tension between them was so intense, and it added fuel to their sexual tension fire, as well as so much more. Their relationship was probably the most angst-filled of the bunch, but I loved it.

E: Yes, they were certainly “opposites attract” so opposite in fact I wasn’t quite sure if I would manage to believe in their romance. And the tension *fans self*, it was extremely high. I thought it was fascinating to see that Regan – known for reading people – wasn’t very good at reading those who impacted her on a personal level. She just couldn’t manage to maintain the same level of distance and objectivity which made her character fun. Brock on the other hand could be extremely attentive when he spotted an object of interest, but otherwise played up to expectations as a playboy. I do have to admit that I got a little bit tired of Regan’s hot/cold and Brock’s “never good enough” mental rut but they made up for those annoyances with the sparks.

MinnChica: I absolutely agree that Regan and Brock got tedious after a while with their inability to grow as characters. There were more than a few times that I found myself rolling my eyes in hopes that they would get over their bull and find a way to come together in something other than sexual tension and a bit of hatred. I loved the way that they both were total opposites of themselves around each other, and that they let their insecurities and real personalities shine through. It was fun to read, even while being a bit exasperating.

E: I have to say Brock surprised me with his patience. He let Regan play her mind games with herself and just kept steadily showing up and demonstrating that he could add to her life. As much as I enjoyed with Regan experienced that epiphany, I think my favorite scene was when she realized that her mental image of Brock wasn’t quite accurate and she showed up to apologize for some of the things she said. It took a lot of personal courage for her to step up and do that and it really said a lot about who she was. Brock’s reaction was also very refreshing because I needed to see the two of them were capable of having tender/soft moments without needing sparks to be around each other.

MinnChica: There were so many things I really liked about this book, and despite the little bit of annoyance at them not being able to grow, the final scene seemed a little cliche. Not to say I didn’t like it, but it had a bit of a Hollywood happily ever after that was too perfect.

All in all, I really enjoyed the final installment of the Wedding Dare series. I loved the set up, and the way the books all took place during the same time frame. It was such a fun series to read, and Regan and Brock finished it with a bang. I hope to see more series like this from any publisher.
I give Seducing the Bridesmaid a B-

E: As MinnChica said earlier Brock and Regan’s story was a great one to end my not quite in order read. I thought the timing of the overall conclusion fit with what they both needed to do as separate individuals and made me feel like the overall romantic arc was wrapped up nicely. I am so very glad I decided to take a chance on this series because I have found myself looking forward to the Friday read over the last month. I look forward to seeing what else this group of authors can provide singly and **crosses fingers** as another intertwined theme.

I give Seducing the Bridesmaid a B+


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