Bookpushers Joint Review – Rock Courtship (Rock Kiss #1.5) by Nalini Singh

22847538Publisher: Self
Publish Date: 30 Sep
How we got this book: ARC from the author via Netgalley

What happens when the Gentleman of Rock decides to play dirty?

A drummer for the hottest rock band on the planet, David has a single, powerful weakness: Thea, the band’s publicist and the woman who steals his breath away with her every move. 

Only problem is, Thea doesn’t date clients—or musicians. Emotionally scarred by a cheating ex, she’s not about to risk her heart with a man who has groupies buzzing around him like flies. Even if his sexy smile ties her up in knots.

What she doesn’t know is that David is a one-woman man…and he’s madly in love with her. David’s determined to prove he’s worth the risk, and willing to court her, step by exquisite step. Thea’s about to discover just how long and hard this handsome drummer can play.

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1. Thoughts on the Hero


E: I really liked David when he was introduced in Singh’s opening story ROCK ADDICTION. He struck me as quieter than his other band members with some unexpected depths. After the teaser mentions about his attempts at a relationship with Thea, I was extremely excited to get to know him. I loved how he cared about and for his family not to mention others in similar situations. It showed he had the capacity to be steadfast and loyal without needing flash and glitz. He really knew what family was and what it took to preserve one so he was the center of the band. And can I say drummer = in shape, great arms, and sense of rhythm. I also loved his skill with words and how he took the time to really see people to determine what moved them. While David wasn’t in your face with his personality, he had just as much drive and intensity, it was just usually channeled under the surface. But he also knew what his goals were and how to achieve them.

Has: David was a wonderful and sweet hero and I definitely agree with you that he was totally different to his more lively band-mates, yet he had this intense undercurrent which I really loved! I also liked that he was a more quieter and laid back although he was very protective towards his family and band members. But what I really loved about him, is how he felt about Thea because I am a huge sucker for a hero who falls head over heels for his heroine. And it was really fun to see him dealing with his feelings when Thea was being stubborn in the beginning of the story, which made me sympathise with him because he was so adorable and sweet. However I loved how he engaged with Thea with the memos by explaining the pros and cons of embarking on a relationship. This was a fantastic way to court Thea, which soon got very hot and heavy with the innuendos, and I enjoyed the way how he managed to win her over by literally melting down her cool resolve.

MinnChica: I adored David. He wasn’t the typical rock star hero, and I loved him all the more because of it. He was quiet and okay with fading into the background. He didn’t need the drugs, alcohol, women, or fame of being a rock star in order to be confident with himself. I liked that once he realized what he wanted, he went after it with dogged determinationn. I loved the fact that he was head-over heels for Thea, and although he let their relationship be work driven for a long time, he also kept her in his thoughts constantly, and wasn’t willing to give up on the chance he knew they could have together.

Marlene: I’m also on Team David! The teasers we got about David’s feelings for Thea in Rock Addiction were so sweet, and they showed how much he really wanted her in his life. Molly’s willingness (downright eagerness) to help David find the way to Thea’s heart, and that he took her advice, were lovely. He’s such a terrific guy that Thea’s sister is already on his side! And he’s such a contrast (at least on the outside) with most rock star romance heroes. Not just because he’s always buttoned up and stylishly dressed, but also for his loyalty to his bandmates and his family. He doesn’t seem to live the rock hard/play hard style and it’s refreshing.

2. Thoughts on the Heroine

E: Thea was a lot of fun! I already knew she was dedicated to her job and her family. But with this novella focusing on her I learned so much more. She could and would go toe to toe with anyone but hid a soft and wounded core. She was so determined to keep things professional and any man involve in “the business” at arms length, she hadn’t quite realized when David slipped under her defenses until he stepped back and kept his distance. I think the biggest thing about Thea which stood out was actually how very much she cared in general and once you were hers, she would stand up for you regardless of the situation professionally.

I was so touched each time she opened up more to David because she had to expose her vulnerable self and give him the keys to really hurting her if he didn’t mean what he said. I really enjoyed seeing her interaction with her family and how she wanted what her mother had found. I thought her solid base was a lovely match for David’s because they both knew what family meant.

Has: I really liked Thea, she played it straight and clear with the people around her, although it did take awhile for me to warm up to her character compared to David. I also liked how loyal and protective towards her own family and it was understandable on how vigilant and closed off she was with other people because of the betrayals she experienced in her past. But I also felt that she really gelled and was a perfect partner for David because they had a lot of similarities especially on how loyal they were with each others families and friends which is a major theme of the book.
And I really enjoyed and loved how she changed and opened up to David when he melted through her cool facade. Their interaction was just fabulous and I really love the flirty interaction which really helped to build up the tension between them.

MinnChica: I really liked Thea as well. I loved the fact that she made her intentions clear toward David, and really laid her expectations down for him. She refused to put up with his bull, and she wouldn’t let him treat their relationship with anything other than the serious nature it deserved. I loved that she stood her ground with him, and I loved the way she slowly fell in love with him back. It was sweet and sexy and so wonderful!

Marlene; I thought Thea was terrific. I loved the way that she hid her soft gooey center with an adamantium shield. Once she lets someone in, they’re in all the way. But when it comes to business, she’s all business. Even better, she’s excellent at her business. I always love a heroine who is looking for something solid to complement the life she’s built for herself, and is not waiting for, or even wanting, a man to rescue her. It takes her a long time to trust, and she’s rightfully wary in general. Watching her warm up to David in particular was fantastic.

I love the flowers with thorns that David keeps giving her. It’s her signal that he doesn’t just know her, but loves her exactly as she is.

3. Favorite Scene

E: I enjoyed the memo exchanges and the confrontation scene as Has mentions below but I think my favorite was when David brought Thea home with him to dinner. The way she was extremely nervous and the way his parents just opened their arms and hearts to her made me melt. I also loved how started telling stories about a young still stubborn David and his reaction.

Has: My favourite scenes had to be the memo exchanges, it really summed up the romance pretty well and set the tone, but I also loved the big confrontation scene in the end between David and Thea. I liked that despite their differences they did work out their issues even if it got a bit bumpy at the end.

MinnChica: Oh man, picking just one is so hard. I agree that reading their memos was such fun, as it gave the reader a glimpse into their humor and true personalities. I also loved the interaction with the guys. Anytime the group of them are together, I just want to swoon with how great their chemistry and friendship is. 🙂

Marlene: David woos Thea with words, and it’s awesome. It’s not just terrific that he breaks through to her with those memos, but I loved it that he sent the first one because her sister knows her so well.

4. Dislike about book

E: I was glad this novella took place concurrently with Rock Addiction because it provided a nice framework for their romance, however I don’t think Rock Addiction can stand entirely on its own because of the dependency. Several events were glossed over because they were covered in more detail in the novel. But otherwise I didn’t have any concerns.

Has: I didn’t have any real issues with the book, although I did wish the romance was expanded and fleshed out a bit more but I was highly satisfied with the plot.

MinnChica: I don’t think there was anything I particularly didn’t like about the book, other than the fact that it was a novella and it ended. 🙂

Marlene: I agree with E; Rock Addiction and Rock Courtship are intertwined. It feels like Courtship had parts that were missing in Addiction, and definitely vice versa.  It felt like Addiction was the plot, and Courtship was the subplot, of the same book. On the other hand, it was a damn good subplot!

5. Any other misc. thoughts along with grade

E: I enjoyed David and Thea. I loved the exchange of memos because it was such a unique way to court. The way the band’s back-story seems to be unfolding across the series is also fascinating and allows me to focus on the romance while understanding the central friendship between the band members. As was how protective and gentle the entire bad was about their relationship. It was just another example of how they took care of each other and had since their friendship began. Watching Thea and David get to know what made each other tick or occasionally explode was a lot of fun. While they had a slow growing friendship the heat between them was was certainly not mild. Between the memos, the text messages, and the phone calls *fans self* then when they finally took the physical step the heat was amazing. I can’t wait to see what Singh has next for this slowly expanding group.

I give Rock Courtship a B+

Has: David and Thea were engaging and likable leads and I liked the little details of background with the rest of band-members which gives further hints of their books that. Overall, this was a fun and sexy read with a fabulous flirty build-up that leads to a smoking hot romance that I enjoyed immensely. I am definitely looking forward to more in this series!

I give Rock Courtship a B+

MinnChica: All in all, I thought this was a wonderful novella addition to the Rock Kiss series. I loved watching David and Thea’s relationship develop in a non-traditional romance way, and thought their memos were so well written and such a unique route for them to fall in love. I can’t wait to see more of them in future books, as well as see the rest of the guys get their happily ever afters!
I give Rock Courtship a B+

Marlene: I liked Rock Courtship better than Rock Addiction. Partly I think it’s because it completes a story we already know most of, and also because while the sex was smoking hot, we saw (participated) in just enough and not too much. The memos were a great way for David to court Thea, and it’s not often you see this, especially done well. And I loved that both David and Thea came from happy families who they loved to bits. They were both looking for something that they had seen work, instead of looking for someone to fill their emptiness.

I also give Rock Courtship a B+


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  1. I was hesitant to pick this one up after Rock Addiction (sacrilege!) even though it was written by Nalini because it was a three star read, at best. I was so pleasantly surprised by it though – and it didn’t have the same angst overload. I loved David and Thea and wish their book had been the longer one. I’d have loved to see more of their storyline, especially more of David’s past. I hope the next book is Noah’s but since he’s got the juiciest story, it’ll probably be Abe.

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