Mini Review – One Perfect Wish by L.M. Brown

Mini Review: One Perfect Wish by L.M. Brown

Publisher: Totally Bound
Publish Date: January 2, 2015
Reviewed by: Heller
How I got this book: E-Arc from Publisher

23612750“Playing the part of another man’s husband to fulfil a wish is easy, but what happens at midnight when the magical day is over? Scott Baxter is a workaholic with no time for love, until a djinn pulls him out of his life and deposits him into the bed of Cameron Kirk. Cut off from his life, Scott isn’t happy about the idea of being forced to help the djinn grant an unspecified wish, but he soon finds he has no real choice in the matter. The djinn, who has turned his life upside down, has powers that prevent Scott from leaving and ensure he does nothing to ruin Cameron’s day with his ‘husband’.

Reluctant at first, Scott finds that as the day progresses he starts to enjoy playing the role of Cameron’s husband. He connects with his unexpected lover in a way he never has with other men.Scott searches for clues to help him track down Cameron after the day is over and he returns to his own life. He doesn’t want the day to end, but the wish is out of his control and when the magic is finished his time with Cameron may be over too.”

This was a fun and sexy little magical frolic. A workaholic wakes up thrown into the role of a perfect stranger’s husband thanks to a wish that a djinn needs to fulfill. The magic is only supposed to last for a day and it was all puppies and Christmas until I got to the part where we found who made the wish…that got me right in the feels. There had an unexpected and clever twist that I never saw coming. Well done, L.M. Brown for taking an erotic short and adding an emotional layer that took this to another level. This was a smart and spicy story. I’ll be checking out more from the author.

I’m giving One Perfect Wish a B+

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