Mini Review – Love’s Return by Trina Lane

Mini Review: Love’s Return by Trina Lane

Publisher: Totally Bound
Publish Date: December 26, 2014
Reviewed by: Heller
How I got this book: E-Arc from Publisher

23854478“Critical Care Paediatrician Dean Whitten spends his days working with pint sized people who hold the power to bring him great joy, or when the situation takes a turn for the worst, break his heart. He finds himself in a position to having a rare day off and really wants to make the best of it. However, it happens to be Valentine’s Day, and Dean hasn’t had anyone special in his life for a very long time. Fifteen years to be exact. Dean is resilient though, and is determined to make the best of day alone. Cupid however decides to give Dean a little surprise when his past comes back in a big way.

Just out of the Marine Corps, Eric Sparks, is starting over in life. When he decides to take a break from making preparations for his new job by going to the movies, he is in no way expecting to encounter the boy who stole his heart as a teenager, now all grown up. Fifteen years ago, Eric left the country with his military family which forced his and Dean’s budding relationship to meet its end.

The two quickly discover that their dormant feelings erupt when they once again hold the love they thought lost in their arms. But Dean is settled in his life, and Eric is scheduled to move across the country in a matter of days. Can love be given a second chance? Will life give them the opportunity denied all those years ago, or will it once again separate the two men?

This story has be re-edited and expanded for it’s new publisher!”

Dean and Eric were best friends for three years and boyfriends for one perfect summer. By chance, they meet again fifteen years later and that really worked to fast track the romance. They’re almost strangers but they also have history that add another dimension to their encounters.

This is a sweet story. I liked the men and I thought they had wonderful chemistry together. The story is a quiet one and those really work for me, no huge dramas just two men reconnecting. I also enjoyed seeing Dean at the hospital with his co-workers, he was great with the kids and it added a nice layer to his character. The author’s style worked well for me and I’ll be checking out more of her books.

I’m giving Love’s Return a B

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