Review – Hungry Like The Wolf by Paige Tyler

Hungry Like the WolfPublisher: Sourcebooks
Publish Date: Out Today
How I got this book: eARC from NetGalley
Reviewer: MinnChica

They’re tight
They’re on target
They’re as alpha as men can get.

The Dallas SWAT team is hiding one helluva secret . . . they’re a pack of wolf shifters.

The team of elite sharpshooters is ultra-secretive—and also the darlings of Dallas. This doesn’t sit well with investigative journalist Mackenzie Stone. They must be hiding something . . . and she’s determined to find out what.

Keeping Mac at a distance proves impossible for SWAT team commander Gage Dixon. She’s smart, sexy, and makes him feel alive for the first time in years. But she’s getting dangerously close to the truth—and perilously close to his heart…
*Blurb from Goodreads*

I’m a huge paranormal fan, so when I first read Tyler, I was super impressed. Finding out she was starting a new series about hot alpha werewolves that all work on a SWAT team, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Gage is the Alpha leader not only in the wolfpack, but also as the commander of the squad. He keeps everyone in line out in the field, and behind closed doors when their wolves come out to play. Everyone relies on him to keep them safe, both on the job and from outsiders. When Gage lets Mac, a well known investigative reporter, into their inner sanctum, everyone is more than a little worried. But Gage would rather keep her close and give her the info he wants her to know than worry about what she might do behind their backs.

Mac is desperate for a story, and she thinks the SWAT team is her next big break. They are too perfect, too strong, and too good at what they do. While poking around for something incriminating, Mac realizes that not only are the SWAT guys down-to-earth and on the right path, but the attraction she feels toward Gage is more than she ever thought possible. But when she finds out Gage’s real secret, will she run with the story of a lifetime, or keep their secret and have a chance at the love of a lifetime?

I have to admit, I love the set up of this series. A group of alpha wolves that are badass on the job and off, who live together like a band of brothers. I am so excited to read about all the other guys, and loved the friendship between them that was evident throughout the book. I loved that they butt heads and played little dominance games with each other, all while absolutely and completely having one another’s backs. It was a wonderful dynamic, and I can’t wait to read more.

I loved Gage, he was such a great hero. He was sexy and strong and alpha to the core. At the same time, he was caring and super sensitive to Mac’s wants and needs. I loved that he was willing to take a chance on her, and although he was worried about what she would do when she discovered his secret, he was willing to do anything and everything to keep her safe. He was an alpha to the extreme, and yet he wasn’t an alphahole about it.

I thought Mac was fabulous as well. She was a little underhanded when it came to getting her story, but I loved the way Tyler made it so that Mac was constantly questioning her methods. She had a conscious about it, and I like seeing that play out. I also loved the way she handled herself when she discovered Gage’s secret. It was real and although difficult to read at first, I loved the way it all worked out.

The romance was great as it slowly burnt up the pages. I loved the way Gage was totally skeptical about the idea of a “perfect mate” and how he struggled with defining his relationship with Mac. The attraction was so intense, and yet he wanted to get to know Mac and her know him before jumping into anything deeper. I thought the book ended a little abruptly after they committed to one another, so I’m super anxious to see more of Gage and Mac in future books.

All in all, I thought Tyler has an amazing new series starting, and I am so excited to read more! I can’t wait to watch all the alpha SWAT guys find their perfect lady, especially if the books continue to be as fun, fast-paced, and sexy as this one was. Gage and Mac were the perfect couple to kick off the new series, and I’m anxiously awaiting the next installment.
I give Hungry Like The Wolf an A-


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