Review – Derek by B.G. Thomas

Review: Derek by B.G. Thomas

Publisher: Dreamspinner
Publish Date: December 26, 2014
Reviewed by: Heller
How I got this book: E-Arc from Publisher

DerekLGThe end of his marriage leaves Derek Newton hurt and confused, but it also grants him the opportunity to embrace who he really is: a gay man. While navigating his new life with the help of friends in the local GLBT community, Derek meets Marshall Kenworthy, a man who embodies all his fantasies.

To Derek’s surprise, Marshall is as interested as he is, and they make a date. But a failure to communicate leads to a misunderstanding. The party they attend is not what Derek expected—at all—but Marshall, ever the gentleman, makes sure Derek feels comfortable. As they get to know each other, they see how much they have in common. Derek begins to heal and soon realizes he might thrive in this new chapter of his life—and it just might be with Marshall by his side.

This is a freebie on the Dreamspinner site. Thanks to the author and to the pub for that because this was a gem.

Thomas has created his only little corner of the world in Kansas City where he tells his stories and I’ve gotten to know a few of his characters and locations over many of his books that I’ve read. This story touches base with quite a few of these characters and while we got to see where they’re at they’re firmly in the background, and I didn’t feel that they overwhelmed the main characters who had a lovely story of their own to tell.

The concept talked about here between Derek and Marshall I really found to be a beautiful one. Simple and it seems obvious but it’s really not. I really enjoyed these two men and their developing relationship. I found it funny and sexy but with a sharply emotional undertone. Just a great little read.

I’m giving Derek a B+

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