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Beyond LimitsPublisher: Pocket
Publish Date: Out Now
How I got this book: NetGalley
Reviewer: MinnChica

FBI agent Elizabeth LeBlanc is still caught in the aftermath of her last big case when she runs into the one man from her past who is sure to rock her equilibrium even more. Navy SEAL Derek Vaughn is back home from a harrowing rescue mission in which he found evidence of a secret terror cell on US soil. Elizabeth knows he’ll do anything to unravel the plot—including seducing her for information. And despite the risks involved, she’s tempted to let him. Together with the forensics experts at the Delphi Center, Derek and Elizabeth are closing in on the truth, but it may not be fast enough to avert a devastating attack…

Following in the bestselling tradition of the Tracers series, including Exposed, Scorched, and Twisted, Beyond Limits pulls out all the stops with Griffin’s most gripping thriller yet.
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I have an on again, off again relationship with the Tracers series. It seems like I miss every other release, but I do enjoy reading Griffin’s writing.

Elizabeth has been put on a terrorist task force that has the ability to make or break her career. Although, she suspects that she was tapped for this assignment because of her involvement with Derek. But Elizabeth won’t let that deter her from doing anything and everything she can to solve the case before the terrorists have the chance to strike again on US soil.

Derek was part of the SEAL team that went in to rescue hostages, and came out with intel on an imminent attack in Texas. When he’s questioned by Elizabeth and a team of FBI agents, Derek puts himself in the middle of the investigation, turning over leads and helping Elizabeth every step of the way. Together, they just might be able to stop whatever the terrorists have planned.

Griffin should write terrorist plot stories all the time. This book was incredible in terms of plot development and execution. I loved the premise of hunting down terrorists on US soil, and the race against the clock feel of their investigation. It was fast paced and full of twists and turns and suspense at it’s very best. It reminded me a little bit of Kaylea Cross, who is my go-to author for military & terrorist based RS.

Although Griffin is a wonderful suspense and mystery writer, I’ve found the romance to sometimes be lacking. However, in this book I loved the romance and relationship developments between Elizabeth and Derek. Liz was hesitant to get involved with a SEAL, and despite the intense attraction between her and Derek, she was so hesitant to give in. I could absolutely see where she was coming from, and I liked the fact that she took their relationship slow because of it.

I loved Derek. He was alpha and yet such a sweet and caring guy. He realized that Liz was scared, and he pushed her to accept that they could have something awesome together. He did everything he could to help with her case, and although part of his motivation was because of the death of his teammate on the initial mission, he also genuinely cared that she excel at her job. I loved the way he danced around on the fringes of her investigation. 🙂

The secondary characters of Luke and Hailey were so great, I hope we get to see more of them in future Tracers books. I would love to see the two of them get their HEA together. They were both such interesting characters that I can’t help but keep my fingers crossed that we’ll get the chance to see more of them!

All in all, I think this might be one of my favorite Tracers books. I loved Liz and Derek together, and the terrorist plot was absolutely AMAZING! Again, I think Griffin should write terrorist books from now on, I would absolutely gobble them up! With a strong romance and wonderful secondary characters, this is a romance suspense book that is not to be missed!
I give Beyond Limits an A

3 thoughts on “Review – Beyond Limits by Laura Griffin”

  1. I loved this one too 😀 Been looking forward to it ever since Elizabeth and Derek met in Scorched. The romance, the characterisations and the plot were all fab!

    Read in an interview Laura Griffin said “I’m definitely keeping Luke & Hailey in mind for a future book. 🙂 ” YaY!

    Her next book is back to the Tracers and the Delphi Centre – can’t wait!

  2. Sounds like a good one Minn, I haven’t read anything by this author yet, but I do have some of her books on my shelves. Somewhere …

  3. Your review of this book is exactly what I would’ve written!! My favorite book and storyline thus far in the series; loved the excitement and the characters. Hailey and Luke belong together so I have my fingers crossed that we see them again.
    Again, great review!!

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