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Edged BladePublisher: Self-published
Publish Date: Out Now
How I got this book: NetGalley
Reviewer: MinnChica

In the year since her life was torn apart, Kit Colbana has slowly rebuilt herself. There’s a promise of hope in the relationship with the alpha of the local shapeshifters and she no longer comes screaming into wakefulness. Life’s not perfect but then again, when was it ever?

When her best friend Justin comes to her for help, there’s little question as to what her answer will be. Witches are disappearing and Justin won’t rest until he has answers. Soon, they learn that it’s not just witches who’ve gone missing, but vampires and shifters, too.

Unlikely alliances are forged as Kit and Justin found themselves drawn into a twisted web of lies and betrayal. As the clock counts down and the culprit behind recent disappearances is revealed, those Kit loves the most become the target of somebody who will kill to protect an ugly secret.
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I love this series so much. It’s quickly become one of my favorite UF series, and if you have yet to pick up the first book, you must!

Kit has been slowly but surely getting her life back together. She is ready to take things to the next level with Damon, and is back at work, ready to kick some ass and take some names.When witches, shifters, and vamps start disappearing, Kit and Justin set out to find the missing people, and what is going on behind the scenes.

As their case gets more and more involved, Kit and Justin get pulled into something bigger than either expected. Between the case, trying to build on her romance with Damon, and having one of his ex’s come back into town, Kit has more going on than ever before!

Let me start with the romance on this one, because Kit and Damon are such a fabulous couple, and their journey hasn’t been easy. I love the fact that Daniels is taking the time to build them back into the couple they were. WIth everything Kit went through, it’s been difficult for her to trust again, and I love the fact that they are taking it slow. They are working hard at rebuilding, and their romance is sweet and sad and absolutely perfect. LOVE!

Like always, Daniels tends to leave the reader hanging at the end. I am so anxious to see what happens with Kit’s case! The surprise twist at the end left me sitting with my mouth wide open, completely stunned. I absolutely cannot wait to see how this plays out. I don’t want to go too much into it, because I don’t want to give anything away. But trust me, you will NOT see this twist coming!

One of the things I love about this series is the secondary characters. Daniels has a way of making us fall in love with everyone who steps onto the page. From Chang and Doyle to Justin and Colleen, I am hard pressed to find characters I don’t love in this series. I wish that Daniels didn’t have such a successful career as Shiloh Walker, because I would LOVE to see her just write Kit and Kit spin off books all the time! 🙂

One thing I’m really excited to find out more about is Kit’s power. She had it severed when she was held captive, and because it is such a strong part of who she is, every time she struggles with calling her blade or being around weapons, I just want to cry for her. Daniels hasn’t really touched much on that, and I hope it’s a question that gets answered soon!

All in all, I loved this installment of the Colbana Files series. I like seeing the romance develop, and can’t wait for more to come as Kit and Damon continue to bond emotionally and physically. I’m super excited to see where Kit’s case leads, and how that is going to play out in future books. Basically, I just can’t wait for the next book!
I give Edged Blade a B+


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  1. I once started the first book, but was not in the mood for it. Never picked it up again, perhaps soon I wlll give it another chance. Glad you love this series so much.

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