Review – Figure of Speech by Dana Marie Bell

Figure of SpeechPublisher: Samhain
Publish Date: Out Now
How I got this book: eARC from publisher
Reviewer: MinnChica

When two hearts speak as one, no words are needed.

Chloe Williams has waited four long years for her mate to acknowledge her. Time and again he has turned her away for being too young, even when she was hospitalized, recovering from a beating that left lingering after effects. Now that he’s been turned into a Wolf, his mating instincts are kicking in big time. Chloe has to decide if it’s worth risking her heart yet again.

Ten years older than Chloe and dealing with issues she knows nothing about, veterinarian James Woods is about ready to howl in frustration. He’s been drawn to Chloe since she was a radiant nineteen-year-old college student, but the age difference held him back from making a move on her. Now his Wolf wants what’s his, and Jim is finally in a place where he can claim her.

Between meddling mothers, Hunter brothers, and a mystery that threatens to end Chloe’s life, they might find an opportunity to tell each other just how they feel. Or find themselves separated by more than just misunderstood words.

Warning: This book contains explicit sex, graphic language, and two people who finally get their damn act together.
*Blurb from Goodreads*

I’ve been waiting for Chloe and Jim’s book for so long, and I couldn’t be happier!

Chloe has been waiting for her mate, Jim, to really see her. Now that he’s been turned, they will finally have the chance to be together. But Chloe suffered a near-death accident that has caused major brain trauma, and between the stress of that and not knowing if she can trust Jim with her heart, their mating is more than a little complicated.

Jim has so much going on in his life, and being changed against his will complicated matters even more. Between the brother he didn’t know about, the drama with his parents, and the group of people that seem to be after Chloe and her family, finally claiming Chloe becomes a priority. But forces outside of their control are closing in, and mating isn’t going to be easy, for anyone.

I really liked this book. The speech problems that Chloe has as a result of her brain injury were both horrific, and yet treated in a way that were funny and sweet. I liked that although Chloe was frustrated with the way her progress was a bit halted, she also didn’t give up and made jokes about it when she was getting too down and serious. I loved the way everyone around her didn’t pester or poke her about it, that they handled her word flips with grace and in a way that didn’t hurt her feelings or pride.

I liked that one Jim decided Chloe was his, he wasn’t willing to wait another second. He genuinely hurt her by continuing to put her off time and again. But now that he’s a shifter as well, he can’t deny the attraction and pull, and he no longer wants to. He is dedicated to making up for lost time, and is set on doing whatever it takes to win Chloe’s heart once and for all. I liked that about him. He more than made up for his dickishness in the past few books.

I also really love the way Bell is continuing to expand the world and the drama within this particular series. I can’t wait to find out what the prophecy has to do with Chloe, Julian, and the town of Halle. I’m so anxious to see how everyone handles the ongoing problem with shifters being targeted and hunted, especially since it seems as if Halle is going to become ground-zero for whatever is going on. Bell continues to drop little hints, and yet reveal more questions that I am chomping at the bit to get the next book in the series already!

Getting to see the ever-growing cast of characters was such fun, especially as the next generation is being born. I adore Tabby and Bunny’s baby name. I thought Jim’s brother, Spencer, was a riot. I can’t wait for more, Bell needs to write faster!

All in all, I really enjoyed this book in the Halle Shifters series. I’m super excited to see where this series is going next, and I can’t wait for more from Bell and this world. I was a bit worried that the romance would fall flat because of Jim and Chloe’s past, but it was sweet and sexy and so good! This continues to be a great PNR series!
I give Figure of Speech a B+


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