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Review – To Everything There Is a Season by Fil Preis

Review: To Everything There Is a Season by Fil Preis

Publisher: Dreamspinner
Publish Date: February 18, 2015
Reviewed by: Heller
How I got this book: E-Arc from Publisher

24906739For most of his life, Terry Geirhart worked beside his best friend and lover on their farm nestled in rural southwestern Ontario. With Karlstadt being a small town, their true relationship remained a secret. Seth’s death in a tragic accident leaves Terry beside himself. After two years of mourning, Terry wants to learn to live again. Unfortunately, he has no idea how.

While not ready to date, Terry does need a new hired hand. A close friend suggests her relative from the city who’s looking for a new start. Damien Manicuso, stylish and openly gay, has never stepped out of the city, but after flunking out of university and being kicked out by his family, Terry’s job couldn’t be more welcome. The two have nothing in common except a mutual attraction, but working a farm brings people close. Both afraid to admit their feelings, they must find the courage or lose everything all over again.

The grief that rules Terry’s life is so sad to see. He lost his best friend and lover to a farm accident and lives a lonely existence working his farm and eating at the local diner. Damien walks into his life when he was forced to leave his cushy life in the city when his failing grades and partying caused his parents to cut the purse strings. He’s basically homeless until a cousin many times removed offers him a place at her friend Terry’s farm as a hired hand and he really has little choice but to accept it.

Damien never would have thought that he’d be crushing on his trucker hat wearing bear of a boss. But there it is. He uses his time on the farm to indulge in his true love, carpentry, and he and Terry become friends and then something more when it turns out his boss has a crush of his own.

This is short lovely little gem about men you think are opposites connecting and finding love. It’s quite sweet. I really enjoyed it.

I’m giving To Everything There Is a Season a B+

By Heller

In the United Nations of Book Pushers I represent the Canadian contingent. I've known Has, Lou, E and Minn for a few years now and I've discovered many a new author from them for which I will be forever grateful. New to me often translates to "Where has this book been all my life?" and leads to endless re-reads.

The majority of my childhood was spent with my nose in a book (not that it's any different now) and I always carried at least one with me wherever I went no matter whatever trouble I was up to. My e-reader is something I could never give up now, despite my initial resistance to it. I love my books but carrying around a library in a small electronic device is a thrill that never gets old.

I read anything and everything that strikes my fancy: Regency, Retro-Romance, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Urban Fantasy, Post-Apoc...the list is pretty much endless. I tend to cycle through interests so it really just depends on my mood at the time. I would say that right now M/M books have me firmly in their grasp and they've been the majority of my reads for the past couple of years. I think there's nothing better than headjacking into a story and characters created by an author, I'm always up for a ride to a place I've never been before.

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